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Meet Taylor Fono, Instructor of The Seussification of Romeo & Juliet

Introduce yourself to us! Where and what do you teach? My name is Taylor Fono and I am currently the theatre director at Adams Junior High in Katy ISD.

What classes will you be working on this summer at Stageworks? I will be working on the Seussification of Romeo and Juliet!

How did you get into theatre? I started theatre when I was in middle school and fell in love with it! I have been acting, directing, and producing ever since.

How has the classroom changed(besides the obvious - masks)? We have found really creative ways to bring theatre to the virtual setting, especially with the use of zoom. My students have been so creative in using their resources, virtual backgrounds, and camera framing to help tell their stories.

What advice would you give to aspiring actors? It's a marathon, not a sprint! You should be doing this because it %100 brings you joy. Never lose your sense of curiosity and creativity.

What advice would you give to parents of young aspiring actors? Make sure you really do your research before looking into agents or signing up for acting programs and camps with hefty promises. It should ALWAYS be about the betterment of your student's learning experience and growth as an artist. If an agent asks for money, RUN. Also, talk to your student's theatre teacher if you have questions about if something is legit or not.

What is it about theatre students that always surprises you? How empathetic they are and their wealth of curiosity, creativity, and bravery. They are not afraid to be goofy and bold!

Do you still like to perform? If so, what is your dream role? I love performing! I am still a working actress (shoutout to my awesome reps at PB Talent!) and my dream role would be to originate an awesome female comedy character.

How are you involved in theatre outside of your work at Stageworks? If so, tell us about it.: Most of my involvement comes from directing in KISD, however, I do fight choreography and a lot of voiceovers and on-camera work.

What's your favorite show to watch? I love Parks and Rec! Leslie Knope for life!

What is the most misunderstood role in theatre? (Not character role, but role in a production?) I think the stage manager. The show literally could not happen without an SM. They are like a superhero. People can undervalue the work they put in behind the scenes and the dedication it takes to be a stage manager and have your hand in every part of a production.

What would your students say about you? She's very goofy and loves her coffee.

Do you have any favorite Stageworks memory? (Funny story or anything at all!) This is my first season at Stageworks, so I am excited to start making some memories!

What should we have asked you that we didn't? What do you do when you aren't working? I am always planning my next adventure. I love to travel and have a goal to see all of the US National parks!

What is your favorite thing about Stageworks? I love the variety of productions they do. There is so much opportunity here for artists and audiences of all ages!

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