Stageworks operates with the work of a few employees and a volunteer board of directors.  We would love to meet you and are here to help any way we can.



Kristen Malisewski, Box Office Administrator

Heather Laetsch, Administrator

Board of Directors

Our board consists of volunteers from our community, who share a passion for live theatre. 

Executive Committee

Patrick Barton, President

Michael Montgomery, Artistic Director

Sean Thompson, Vice President

Paul Wilkinson, Past President

Celeste Hendrickson, Treasurer

Stephanie Wisdom, Past President, Academy Committee

Julie Montgomery, Past President, Marketing Chair

Shandra Wilkinson, House Management, Secretary


Board at Large Members

J Blanchard, Fundraising Committee

Richele Bartkowiak, Academy Committee

Elizabeth Crownover, Academy Committee

Sherrie Mattson, Financial Committee

Lisa Garza, Artistic Committee

Mario Garza, Fundraising Committee

Kurth Dohmann, Fundraising Committee

Stageworks Theatre

10760 Grant Road

Houston, Texas 77070


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