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Acting Academy 

Kids build courage, confidence and teamwork skills at theatre. Join us! We're making the leaders of tomorrow.

If you are looking to develop your acting, singing or dancing skills for performance theater, you've come to the right place. Because educational theater is all we do. And we do it for all ages.  In a warm, friendly and supportive environment.

Students may join classes that still have space throughout the semester for a pro-rated rate. ​Contact us to discuss your student's needs at (281) 587-6100.

Educational Theater Classes for Youth

Whether your student is looking for something fun to do, needs some help to develop confidence and courage, or is motivated to develop acting and singing skills, our Acting Academy is a friendly, supportive environment! We offer two types of classes, performance classes and skills classes.  Performance classes end the semester with a show - including costumes, sets and an encouraging audience. Skills classes help to refine acting, singing or dance skills.  Join us!

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