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Noises Off Stageworks Theatre

The Woman in Black

October 6 - October 29, 2017

by Stephen Mallatratt & Susan Hill

Directed by Lisa Garza


Arthur Kipps, a middle-aged solicitor, hires the services of a professional actor to help him re-create a ghostly event from his past, hoping to exorcise the nightmares which have haunted his sleep ever since. As the two men rehearse in a deserted theatre, the story unspools in terrifying fragments, from the initial appearance of a ghastly spectre at a funeral to her final, terrifying revenge for the death of her innocent child.

Venue: Garza Mainstage

10760 Grant Road

Houston, Texas 77070


Adults $28, Seniors $25, Student $19 



The Woman in Black  is produced by special arrangement with
Samuel French, Inc.


Production Team

Director - Lisa Garza

Artistic Director - Michael Montgomery

Sound Design - Tracy Clayton

Lighting Design - John Wind



Kipps - Adam Harkay

Actor - Sam Martinez

The Woman - Lindsay Scovil

Who Should See It?

Themes: Fear, Death, Revenge

Language/Sexual Innuendo: None

Smoking/Drinking/Drug Use: None

Violence: No physical violence.  Discussions of violent actions and ghostly appearances occur frequently.


Recommended Audiences: 

Those who enjoy the “fear factor” in ghost plays and movies are recommended for this show. Though no physical violence and gore is seen, the spectre of the ghostly woman in black appears unexpectedly several times to psychologically wreak havoc. The play’s sound effects can be intense and frightening to younger audiences.  The show’s major appeal is its narrative story-telling, inventive theatricality and evocative power of the spoken word to create imagery, tension and fear.   Aside from running continuously for 27 years in London’s West End and many other community and professional theatres around the globe, this play is also popular in middle school, high school and collegiate programs. Parental guidance is always recommended for intense shows.

Our Artistic Responsibility

We are dedicated to producing high quality and award-winning works popular in the community as scripted. We provide shows for all interests and tastes, but not every show is for everyone.  It is a violation of Federal copyright statutes and strict show licensing agreements to change a single word in script, cut scenes, and change playwright-mandated intent, blocking, choreography and music orchestrations.  We respect our community, the artist’s who dedicate their life to their work and the our community’s laws.

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