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Sit. And Stay.

Sit and stay a moment, because we've got a real treat for you. As the first mainstage of 2019 prepares to open, we asked its cast to sit down with us and sniffed out some nosy conversation. SYLVIA's title character is a famously bold, bright, and very physical role (Note: she's a dog). Actor Devin Whitten graciously gives us some insight into the making of her character

Devin Whitten and Bunny

Why did you audition for Sylvia? I've been in Los Angeles for the past three years doing film work and have just moved back home to Houston and needed some real live theatre in my life again. It was one of the first audition postings I found – I had heard incredible things about the company through the grapevine – and I was just so excited for an opportunity to audition for a show! The fact that it was for a show I've loved for such a long time was a nice little bonus. What's something special or new about our production that potential audiences need to know? This is my first show through Stageworks so everything about this production is brand new to me! As someone with fresh eyes to the company I can say that this is truly an amazing place to be; the environment is kind and inviting from the moment you walk in to audition and that shows in the production