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Join the Parent Auxiliary at Stageworks Theatre!


a person or thing providing supplementary or additional help and support. 


Participating in a non-profit can be an amazing way to meet new people and to be involved in something your kid enjoys. We are excited to offer a host of ways to be involved with us at Stageworks! 

For the Student Show (When your child is involved in a production) 

If you would like to be involved in the production for which your child is involved, the following are terrific ways to join the fun. Volunteers can be any family member, age 15 or above. 

  • Backstage Crew (Parents only) – Work 2 shows backstage. Attend final rehearsals to be familiar with the show rhythm backstage. You will help organize the kids, monitor kids, help with small costume adjustments, iron, help with hair and makeup, quick changes, and learn the inner workings of a show. 

  • Laundry crew - Take home a bag of laundry and return to the costume team folded. 

  • Set – Attend workdays to help build set and with set dressing/touch-ups as needed. 

  • Hospitality – Organize setup and clean-up of water & snacks. 

  • Strike – Strike is a fancy name for “get rid of.” At the end of the show, we strike the set, costumes, and props! All families and students will participate in the strike after the last show and sometimes we have an additional day on which we require help. Signing up for this signs you up for two hours on that additional day. 

  • Usher – Assist with seating before performances. 

  • Concessions or Wine Bar – Assist before the show and at the intermission at the concession stand or wine bar.  

  • Fundraising – Champion any current fundraising programs to the classes. This may involve promoting tshirt or other Stageworks Theatre swag for sale each semester in the Facebook Group associated with the class. 

How to sign up! At the beginning of each session, you will receive an email that includes a SignUp Genius link at which you can volunteer. Questions? Reach out to our Auxiliary Leads, Amy Welch or Danny Zander


Throughout The Year 

If you are interested in having a voice in the future programming or overall operations of the theatre, here are a few ways you can help. 

  • Main Stage Usher – Assist in seating for a main stage show. Must be at the show one hour prior to show time. This is a fun activity that can be done with your student age 13+. (A short training is required.) 

  • Main Stage Concessions or Wine Bar - Assist before the show and at the intermission at the concession stand or wine bar.  

  • Poster distribution – Take posters for our main stage shows and hang them at nearby businesses.   

  • Play reading – Read scripts in consideration for the academy and complete a questionnaire about the content of the show.  

If interested in any of these, please complete the form at the right and we will contact you with details!

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Volunteer Here for the Auxiliary!
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