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Lasting Smile

Do you love what theatre does for the world and want to share that with people?  We need you!


We are looking to expand our stable of instructors within the educational arm of Stageworks Theatre. Although the below description lends itself to classes that involve an actual production, not all classes will be production-oriented as we come back from Covid.


  • Participate in content selection, script analysis, casting preparation.

  • Work with Education Director to cast the show.

  • Ensure that the Stageworks Theatre Tenants of Acting are taught throughout the course.

  • Conduct class times as agreed upon.

  • Instruct the content of the show (blocking, music direction, and/or choreography, as assigned). Musical productions are normally staffed with a director and a music director, and possibly a choreographer.

  • Support diverse and inclusive casting and general participation.

  • Reflect the values of the organization.

  • Serve as a beacon of professionalism and respect, able to inspire a love for theatre and its intricacies.

  • Ensures that set, props and costumes are available and in presentable appearance for shows and photo shoots.

We are committed to a strong performance but also consider students’ growth and needs in casting the show.

A production assistant will help manage your classroom and locate needed props and costumes. You will also have the use of our Production Manager to build any agreed upon set pieces.



The ideal candidate will possess:

  • Experience directing shows.

  • Experience working with children under the age of 18 in a theatre setting.

  • Exhibit strong team player skills.

  • Show pattern of good judgement in dealing with kids, parents and volunteers.

  • Confident and clear communication skills.

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