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Costume and Prop Donations

We are very grateful for the number of items that are dropped off to our wardrdobe/costume/prop teams. Since we have limited space, we can only accept items that we can foresee using in the next 12 months.  


Here are some general guidelines!

We Need
  • Sewing buttons, zippers, trim, and notions

  • Unique vintage items (old-fashioned phones, for example)

  • Fabric - only fabrics of which you have substantial yardage (>5 yards)

  • Muslin (we often dye it and use it)

Please Don't Bring
  • Yardage of material in small increments

  • Non-specialty hats

  • Jeans/pants

  • Anything modern

  • Red hat society specialty gear

  • Wedding dresses

If you have a very specific item that you'd like to tell us about, prior to bringing, simply email us (and even include a quick photo) so that we can determine whether we can use it!  We can reply normally within a couple of days!



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