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5 Tips for the New Theatre Mom or Dad

Attention new theater parents! Welcome to the entertaining and exciting world of theatre. Some of you have enrolled your child in a theater class because he or she has expressed an interest in theater. Others of you may think theater will help your child build confidence or expand their talents in performing arts…which it most definitely will. Some of you may have just been looking for an interesting new activity for your child.

No matter your reason or expected outcome, here are some helpful tips to make this new experience a rewarding, exciting and opportunity-filled adventure.

1. Roll Up Your Sleeves - Oh the things you will do and the places you will go! Get ready because you are in it, too. Theaters thrive and survive on the dedication and talents of volunteers. You may find yourself painting set pieces, sewing costumes, hunting for props or costumes at your local thrift stores, helping students rehearse lines or blocking, spiking the stage and striking a set.

2. Make New Friends - You will discover a whole new network of friends. Friends who are new to theatre and friends whose children have been performing for years. Your child will also add to their list of amazing new friends. Every show will foster incredible bonds as actors work, grow and perform together. It’s magical!

3. Look for Opportunities to Grow - Help your child explore opportunities that will foster growth as an actor. Working with different directors and production teams will give your child an understanding of different directing styles and expectations. Working in musicals will enhance vocal and dance skills. Straight plays give actors an opportunity to hone in on acting skills.

4. Build A Repertoire - Actors need to have an assortment of songs from different genres ready to perform. Auditions require actors to sing 30 seconds or one minute of a song in the likeness of the musical for which they are auditioning. Straight play auditions may call for a comedic or dramatic monologue depending on the play or character. Cold readings are also a part of the audition process so brush up on this important skill! However, if your student is just starting, have no fear! We teach these topics in class. Beginners are always embraced.

5. Celebrate - Theatre is teamwork. Every role is crucial. The individual parts in a production all work together to make up the whole production. If any part is missing, the entire production is affected. There are lead roles, supporting roles, ensemble and numerous roles backstage that all come together to create theatre magic for an audience. Celebrate every role!

If this is your first year to attend acting camps and productions at Stageworks, dive in and get to know the teachers and artists. We are here to help young people become great citizens - and a few become actors.

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