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Meet Chick: Crimes of the Heart

You've heard us bragging about our new Theatre Administration and Academy Director. Well, now is your chance to catch her on stage. She sat down to teach us a little more about herself. We think you'll love getting to know her.

I know you're relatively new to Stageworks, serving as the Theatre Administration and Academy Director! Congrats on that. How did you learn about the theatre?

I came to see Chelsea Lerner in Little Shop of Horrors. Coming to see her was my first time to Stageworks. I am a native Houstonian but am not from the Northwest side of town to have had a fair chance to know the theater. What is funny though, is that years earlier I was contacted to come in and possibly Sound Design for a HFAC. I was not able to at that time, and it wasn’t until after getting hired later as the Administration and Academy Director that I put it all together that HFAC was Stageworks before rebranding, and that it could have been years earlier that I would have gotten involved. I suppose it was always in the cards to wind up at Stageworks!

You play Chick, in Crimes of the Heart. What sort of person will love this character?

Honestly, I think everyone will love Chick! Or love to hate her that is! She shakes up the room when she comes in and lots of fun is shared with the audience through the character of Chick. (You will just have to see the play to figure out what I mean.)

How is Chick like/different than you?

Oh my goodness, I don’t think I am anything like Chick, except for maybe sharing the struggles of a mom with two active kids. Chick has no filter. Me though, I think before I speak. ...She does have a get-it-done attitude, so I suppose I also share that with her too.

What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they go home after this show?

Lemons and chickens probably. Plus,“WOW! What a play chalked full of comedy and drama!” I think they are going to probably delve into the character motives and what in the world happens to the characters after the play ends.

Besides Crimes, what is your favorite stage show?

Thoroughly Modern Millie and Singing in the Rain brings me great joy!

Who do you look up to as an actor, director, or other theatre pro? Why?

To hone in on just one person is difficult. I mean I love the comedy of Lucille Ball, the dramatic focus of Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, the stunts of Stephen Amell, and the adventure Ginnifer Goodwin get to experience as Snow White in Once Upon a Time. (I totally could be her understudy!) The list goes on. Outside of actors, my go-to for a director would be Stephen Spielberg. He has created such a legacy and variety of great works! To be like him or to work with him in any capacity would be an amazing honor!

You work crazy hours in the theatre world. What does your favorite Sunday afternoon look like?

My ideal Sunday afternoon involves focused time with my husband and two boys. It’s that moment right before dinner and getting ready for the work and school week. Maybe just snuggling up and watching a show, reading books, playing a game, or a new family favorite, one last spurt of energy and a run up to jump on the trampolines at Sky Sports as a family. I enjoy Sunday afternoon because I can take a moment to put all cares aside and look into the eyes of these wonderful blessings in my life. Gosh, I wish a Sunday afternoon like that could be every waking hour of every day!

Join us for Crimes of the Heart, running through March 25, and come meet Natalie!

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