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A Note From the Director: Crimes of the Heart

I sit here at my desk wondering how to put the words together that will give you some insight about the show, why it was picked and what we hope to accomplish.

As creative people, we live our lives and try to recreate them onstage for your entertainment. We live, we laugh, we love, we lose, and we cry.

When I read this script, I was immediately drawn to its overall theme. Home. Coming home. Going home. Wanting to be home. Some people believe that your home is where you hang your hat. A place made of brick and mortar. Personally, within the past year, that theory was tested. We laughed, we loved, we lost, and we cried. Home was never about walking through that front door. A door is just a door and nothing more. Made of wood glue and nails. Home is where your family is. Home is where your heart is. Home is where you love. The people that fill that building with love make it home. Make it worth coming home. Make you want to come home. Love them or hate them, family make your home.

Some places burn to the ground and no one bats an eye. You see it on the news. Everything is gone. Nevertheless, there is that family standing out front holding each other, and they are still home. At some point in the show, each character says, “I’m home,” and during the process, my actors could not help but smile. Being home does that to you. Welcome to our home.

Enjoy the show, Sam Martinez

Get your tickets to Crimes of the Heart, playing through March 25, 2018.

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