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Meet Our Meg In Crimes Of The Heart

Many remember Jessica Lange in Crimes of the Heart in 1986. She played Meg Magrath, the middle Magrath sister who moved to Hollywood to become a singer. Well, did you know that Jessica Lange was pregnant during the filming of the movie? The baby was her now ex-partner, Sam Shepard’s, who was a co-star in the film.

The upcoming production of Crimes of the Heart at Stageworks, the play on which the movie was based, features the very versatile and talented Kalin Coates as Meg. You may remember Kalin from our last season's productions of The Elephant Man (Mrs. Kendall) and The Wizard of Oz (Coroner).

Kalin Coates moved to Houston eight years ago and took a little time out from her crazy schedule to tell us about herself. Below is a short interview with her.

Kalin wears these hand-embroidered jeans in Crimes of the Heart. Embroidery by costumer Katie Harrison.

Kalin, this is your fourth show at Stageworks. What is special about playing Meg Magrath?

I like Meg, because she has so many layers, which makes her relatable. She tries to show that she is strong and unaffected, but really, she's fragile and very loving.

Picture left: Kalin's character, Meg, wears these pants in Crimes of the Heart. Fun fact: These are Kalin's personal jeans and the costumer, Katie Harrison, hand-embroidered them!

Did you actually know the movie?

Nope. It's a little before my time, but I plan to watch the movie as soon as this show comes to a close.

How/when did you get into theatre?

I started theater when I was just 6 years old, playing a towns person in Fiddler on the Roof. My parents were told by my music teacher that I had the voice of an angel and they needed to put me on stage. Here I am 28 years later and still in love with theater.

How did you come to Stageworks?

I live so close! I worked at this theater for the first time right after I moved here 8 years ago in Dames at Sea, the first show done in the Garza.

If you could play in any TV/Netflix series, what would it be?

I love doing voice over work very much, so I would love to be in a successful animated series. I was in two episodes on cartoon network's Toonami, and it was thrilling.

Do you have a dream role?

My dream role is to play Mama Rose in Gypsy.

Is it true that you auditioned for The Wizard of Oz so that your young daughter could see you in a show? Tell us about that.

Yes. It's kind of difficult to explain to my children what I'm doing when I'm at rehearsal, so I wanted to be in a show, so they could see it for themselves. My youngest was too young, but my daughter loved it. The costumes were pretty intense for her, and as soon as I saw her after the show, she told me she liked my wig, but would I please take it off. She wanted to see her mommy. It was fun for her to go back stage with me after the show. She got to see the wicked witch be nice and see that she's not really green. She didn't ask to be in a show, but perhaps someday she will, and we can do this together. I will be looking for another kid friendly show soon, so my son will be able to see me in a show as well.

Picture: Kalin in The Wizard of Oz as the Coroner, July 2017. Photo credit Will LeBlanc.

Come meet Kalin and join us for Crimes of the Heart, March 2 – March 25, in our lovely Garza Theatre.

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