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Freud's Last Session: RED's Review

Review by Darby Bedar

Thanks to RED for getting out to see Freud's Last Session. Below is an excerpt from the review, by Darby Bedar.

Sean K. Thompson and Jonathan Moonen grace us with an accurate portrayal of what could have been the relationship between Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis. Set on September 3rd, 1939, just weeks before his death, C.S Lewis (Jonathan Moonen) joins him in his North West London study during the onset of World War 2.

As the acquaintances sit to converse tension runs high and they delve instantly into heated debate. Sean K. Thompson’s performance perfectly encapsulates the cynical and analytical thought process of Sigmund Freud. He argues the faults of man and religion while C.S. Lewis passionately argues faith and hope. Their very intense and emotionally charged arguments leave us with thought provoking questions on morality and human nature.

The dialogue between these two iconic figures is absolutely beautiful. The actors do such a wonderful job with their intimate banter punctuated with intelligent humor in their portrayal, that you can't help empathizing with these great men of history.

The whole atmosphere is aesthetically pleasing and factually accurate in real time. Between the sharp costumes, the beautiful set design consisting of all traditional red and brown hues, the many interesting cultural artifacts in Freud’s collection, and the fervent emotional downpour, I have to say “Freud’s Last Session” is a beautiful presentation that I would recommend to anyone craving an opportunity to truly think and feel.

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