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Oliver: Who Should See It?

We're excited to bring the classic Oliver! to our Garza Mainstage this holiday season.

Oliver! follows the tale of the spirited orphan from mistreatment in mid-19th century workhouses to his falling in with a gang of pickpockets, before finally finding a “real” home. This is Lionel Bart's musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens’ novel that has been turned into a rousing musical featuring one of the most memorable Broadway scores ever written, including “Food, Glorious Food,” “Where Is Love?,” “Consider Yourself,” “You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket or Two, and more. Featuring unforgettable characters like the Artful Dodger, Fagin, Bill Sykes and of course Oliver himself, Oliver! is a show for the whole family to enjoy.

Themes: The relationship of poverty and crime, friendship, loyalty, social protest, government corruption and "good" versus "evil", role of government.

Language/Sexual References: No major concerns, except for an occasional spoken, forceful reference to violence, some provocative dancing and costumes.

Smoking/Drinking/Drug Use: Occasional pipe and cigar smoking, as well alcohol use by teens/children and adult public intoxication is portrayed.

Violence: A male character violently pushes an adult female character and child. There is a scene involving a violent act towards a female that leads to her death, though it is downplayed for artistic purposes.

For Which Audiences? The musical is appropriate for all ages 6 years and above. Some darker themes and forceful language and violence may not be suitable for younger children under 6 years of age. We highly recommend you discuss what is real and not with your children for all shows. As on every show, children 3 years of age and younger are not admitted.

Rating: The movie is rated G, but we would rate Oliver PG due to some of the violence and themes.

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