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Little Shop: Who Should See It?


Not your typical boy-meets-girl comedy, Little Shop of Horrors is a musical that's literally out of this world. On skid row, Seymour is your average, nerdy, down-on-his-luck floral assistant. That all changes when he meets an alien power-hungry, fast-talking plant who vows to fulfill Seymour's wildest dreams: fame, fortune and the heart of the girl he loves. There's just one catch: the plant thirsts for human blood, and its growing pains send Seymour down a diabolical path with murderous consequences. With an infectious score that gleefully combines rock, Motown and Broadway, Little Shop of Horrors ensures you’ll be toe-tapping along to this screamingly funny, joyously entertaining, tongue-in-cheek delight.

Themes: Like the gods in Greek tragedy, the alien plant views humanity as a pathetic race made powerless by their passions. Meanwhile, the humans innocently pursue their dreams but are unable to see the dangers of their actions before it’s too late. The message to the human audience is to be careful what you wish for. As Seymour learns, there is a terrible price to pay when you get what you want, instead of what you earn.

Language/Sexual References: Strong language, including occasional variant uses of the word “ass”, “titty” and “shit”. Occasional stage kissing and provocative costumes and dancing.

Smoking/Drinking/Drug Use: Occasional drinking and stage smoking. References to “laughing gas” and mild humorous references to drug use.

Violence: A dentist who aims to exact pain on patients during exams, stage slap of a woman, simulated eating of human remains, discussions about murder, and an implied body dismemberment.

For Which Audiences? The musical’s occasional strong language and adult themes may be discomforting to more conservative audience members, and may make the show unsuitable for younger children under 12. However, the musical will be of great interest to more mature teens interested in musical theatre, since it is an American standard performed at all levels. Teenagers and adult audiences who can overlook the adult language, situations and themes are recommended to see this show. Children 12 years and younger should only attend at a parent’s discretion. As always, the decision is yours.

Rating: The movie would be rated PG-13 for its darker themes, language and occasional violence.

Our Artistic Responsibility

We are dedicated to producing high quality and award-winning works popular in the community as scripted. We provide shows for all interests and tastes, but not every show is for everyone. It is a violation of federal copyright statutes and strict show licensing agreements to change a single word in script, cut scenes, and change playwright-mandated intent, blocking, choreography and music orchestrations. We respect our community, the artist’s who dedicate their life to their work and the our community’s laws.

Stageworks Theatre’s artistic panel provides general advisories as only one resource to help you decide what is appropriate for your family. These advisories are based on script content, but are also subjective. Ultimately, the choice and responsibility is yours. Email us directly if you'd like more detailed information or have any questions about this show.

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