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Damn Yankees: Who Should See It?

Damn Yankees plays on our Garza Mainstage from April 22 - May 15, 2016. It's a classic 1950s musical with the fashion, humor, and sexiness of the era.

This is a Tony award-winning classic musical comedy combines song, dance, and America’s favorite past-time - baseball. It introduces the Faustian legend of making a bargain with the devil to sell one's soul in return for rewards in this life, such as wisdom, knowledge, earthly pleasures or, in this case, an opportunity to play professional baseball.

The show was originally produced and premiered on Broadway in 1955, we are staging this original version.

There are several mature themes and references presented in the show that should be discussed with teenagers and children prior and post show. There are period-based comedic sexual references dealing with the role of women and men in the workplace, as well as several cultural norms in 1950, including adult attire, mature dancing, as well as drinking and smoking. Additionally, there may be strong language and other references deemed not appropriate for young children.

An example of a scene that may not be appropriate for young children or require additional explanation is when Lola, the Devil’s disciple, wiggles and dances in a parody of seduction and tries to user her sensuality to “get her way.”

Damn Yankees creates an opportunity to discuss several themes with children and teenagers such as:

  • Following rules;

  • Persevering in all your pursuits: keep on trying!;

  • Always doing your best;

  • Using self-control;

  • Being self-disciplined;

  • Thinking before you act -- consider the consequences for yourself and others;

  • Be accountable for your choices.

Join us for the fun April 22 - May 15, 2016. If you have any specific questions regarding content, please feel free to shoot us an email!

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