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Stageworks Theatre: A Note from the President

After more than a decade of being Houston Family Arts Center, our ongoing evolution inspired us to change to a name that would better reflect our mission. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, I thank you for your patronage on this exciting day, a day that marks the expansion of our audiences, our programming and the experiences our theatre provides to you.

Though our name has changed, rest assured that we're still committed to high quality theater that is accessible to all audiences. In fact, we are hoping to add new audiences.

In our discussions we all agreed that having the word “family” in our name was a double-edged sword. True, it made a promise to our audiences that our fare was “family-friendly,” but it also highlighted the fact that nobody agreed on the exact definition of the term.

Some think that swearing on stage is not family-friendly; others disagree. Some are delighted by the classic Bob Fosse-styled sexy dance moves you’ll see in Damn Yankees, while others simply are not comfortable with such.

Producing shows without swearing, adult jokes or other such material massively limits script choices. Another truth – probably less known to the world at large – is that it is forbidden by licensing and outright illegal to knowingly change a single word on a script. For each of you begging for only G-rated shows, we have an equal number of patrons asking us to try other types of material.

We believe we can do both.

In viewing our new season themed “A Little Help From My Friends,” you’ll see we have a little something for everybody. You’ll be a fly on the wall for the debate between the first frenemies, Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis, as they discuss the existence of the divine in Freud’s Last Session. Little Shop of Horrors is a toe-tapping comedy starring an introverted flower-shop keeper and his friend, a foul-mouthed, man-eating plant. The Wizard of Oz, for which we’ll return to The Berry Center, is a family classic; Dorothy is swept away to the dangerous Land of Oz, but with the help of her newfound friends, she safely returns home again. Forget the fact that Dorthy is also a perpetrator of a double homicide.

There’s a little something for everybody, but every show isn’t necessarily for every person. The choice is entirely in your capable hands. Naturally, we’ll provide plot descriptions and parental advisories on each production in advance so that you and your family can maneuver through our season accordingly.

We trust your ability to make the best decisions for your families, and we ask you to trust us to present our material to you tastefully and full of artistic integrity. I invite you to read through our upcoming productions and then secure your season subscriptions while we continue to demonstrate our core values of fun, respect, integrity, excellence and diversity.


Julie Montgomery President, Stageworks Theatre Board of Directors

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