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Education Director

Stageworks Theatre is proud to offer an array of educational offerings, and are looking forward to expanding those programs with the leadership of our Education Director. This role will expand our ability to  enrich lives through the performing arts, and to develop talent that will be helpful to the theatre and the community in general.


Inspire tomorrow's leaders by driving our education programming.

Our Education Director is a key part of our community footprint.  Our educational programs include youth productions, community outreach, classes, and summer camps. 

  • Design and implementation of annual classes and summer camps for students in the performing arts that support our strategic initiatives and the needs of our students.

  • Recruiting and hiring teachers for various classes, and supervising these teachers and to step in and take over if a teacher becomes incapable or unable to teach class.

  • Produce and direct theatre productions as suggested or required. 

  • Supervising all classes and scheduling of classes, as well as class productions and final projects. Coordinate any crew, prop, or set requirement of these classes, productions and projects.

  • Substitutes for contracted instructors when needed.

  • Maintains classroom spaces and arranges for educational materials and equipment.

  • Maintains compliance with all licensing agreements.

  • Communicates with production managers regarding potential needs and repairs.

  • Works with the board of directors to formulate an annual budget. Then works within that budget.



This role is primarily a recruiter, manager, and motivator.


  • 5+ years working with performing arts in any capacity.

  • 3+ years experience managing any type of function or business. 

  • 5+ years experience building, managing and leading performing arts programming for for teens and children

  • Experience recruiting, managing and developing staff.

  • Experience driving processes that lead to positive outcomes. 

  • Patience, stamina and strong communication and organizational skills.

  • A passion for helping students achieve their potential.

  • Proven customer service experience - often dealing with emotionally engaged consumers.

  • A penchant for community involvement and engagement.

  • Tolerance for the amazing organic nature of theatre - changing moment by moment. 

  • Flexibility and a high tolerance of ambiguity

If you happen to be a director and wish to direct certain shows, you will be compensated additionally for those efforts, as long as they do not conflict with your role. 

Reports to: Board VP of Education

This position will pay $33,000 - 42,000/year, depending on experience, and has very flexible hours. Additional project work available in the classroom, to be paid additionally, such as director, music director, choreographer, etc.

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