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We have both volunteer costumers at Stageworks, as well as working artists who receive a stipend. You'll get a budget, and many resources including our own costume closet and those of partner organizations.  As a key member of the production team, you help bring the director's vision to life!

We are looking for people who have theatre knowledge who are organized and have strong taste about costuming and fashion! Basic sewing skills such as sewing buttons, hems and small sizing are preferred, but if you have a good attitude, we are also willing to teach and have seamstresses  available to assist.

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  • Acquire, build, and/or pull costumes for assign show. Create, design and fit all costumes as per artistic discussion with the director and Artistic Director/Academy Liaison. All costumes are to be ready for tech week of the show and should reflect a high artistic quality and professional attention to detail.

  • Maintain and clean all costumes throughout the production run and complete any repairs needed before the next scheduled performance.

  • Be available and participate in all artistic production meetings as set by the Artistic Director/Academy Liaison / directors during the course of the production period. Maintain detailed measurements and costume requirements for each performer.

  • Keep track of show costume budget and expenditures. Any cost- over-run must be approved in advance by the Artistic Director/Academy Liaison.

  • Maintain the costume inventory and costume shop in an orderly fashion throughout use.

  • Arrange for the rental or borrowing of materials for productions from other costume rental shops. Arrange for timely pick-up, delivery and prompt return of such material to minimize cost for such rentals.

    • Supervise all costume volunteers, including stitchers, seamstresses, dressers, pullers and other volunteers specifically assigned to costume details.

    • Arrange for all costume and wardrobe maintenance during a production run and ensure than any and all   wardrobe materials are in place a minimum of one hour before curtain.

    • Provide necessary emergency repair materials and personnel should the need arise for immediate assistance during the course of a performance.

    • Make changes, substitutions or modifications requested by the Director, within reason of time and expense, between each technical rehearsal. Any last-minute changes should be approved by Artistic Director/Academy Liaison.

    • At no time should a change be made to a costume plot during technical rehearsals or performances without the expressed permission of the Artistic Director/Academy Liaison.

  • Be present at any and all technical rehearsals held excused by the Artistic Director/Academy Liaison or guest director of the given production.

  • Oversee strike of costume pieces. Supervise all volunteer labor in the strikes and conduct such activity in an organized and friendly manner.

  • Provide necessary written copy for the following: Special thanks for supplies and services for a given production for publication in the playbill.

  • Arrange for cleaning and return of all pieces.


  • Provide production stage managers with necessary production repair sheets and phone numbers in the case of an emergency to keep all communication lines open between night and day personnel and alert production personnel to potential needs and repairs.

  • Ensure that costumes are available and in presentable appearance for all media appearances and photo-calls.




Actors – Often the actors have base pieces. Don’t try to costume people’s shoes/undergarments and basic pieces.  If your show can use modern pieces, most actors are happy to use their one pieces, if they have such available.


Other costume closets - The Artistic Director/Academy Liaison has relationships with other closets that you may use.​


Budget – You’ll be assigned a budget for the show.  When purchasing pieces, you may work with Artistic Director to have the theatre pay directly for items (such as Amazon purchases, etc.)


Seamstresses – If your show requires pieces that are unique and require a seamstress, contact Artistic Director. Normally this is discussed at the beginning of the show and some budget is set aside for the seamstress, if required.

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