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Peter and the Starcatcher - Who Should See It?

Synopsis: Peter and the Starcatcher is a grownup's prequel to Peter Pan. When starcatcher-in-training Molly meets an orphan boy longing for a home, they embark on the adventure of a lifetime. You'll be whisked away on a breathtaking quest to answer the question: how did a boy named Peter become the boy who never grew up? Peter and the Starcatcher takes a hilarious romp through the Neverland you never knew. In this Tony Award-winning play with music, a dozen brilliant actors play more than 100 unforgettable characters using their enormous talent, ingenious stagecraft and the limitless possibilities of imagination.

Themes: Heroism, friendship, honor, leadership, loyalty. There are darker themes as the show is focused on how Captain Hook came to be.

Language/Sexual References: References to mild violent actions on another person meant as humor. Similar to what you would would see or read in today's super hero movies or in today's comic books, etc. Mild sexual innuendos and jokes are made that are generally meant for the more mature audience and may require some explanation to younger audiences.

Smoking/Drinking/Drug Use: Actors mime drinking and smoking that is humorous, pirate folklore inspired.

Violence: Slapstick

For Which Audiences? Although there is no profanity, there is some mild forceful language, bawdy jokes and violence that is sometimes graphically described in dialogue, but is comically inspired. There is not and restricted, strong language. If your child can stomach a little slapstick violence similar to today's super hero movies and comics, deal and keep up with the dialogue, they may find it humorous and fantastical. You might have to discuss what is real and what is not and also discuss violence afterwards, as we recommend with ANY fantasy show. The show will be of great interest to mature children and teens interested in the tales of Peter Pan and requires some parental discretion children 10 years and younger.

Rating: If a movie, rated PG for sexual innuendo and some violent imagery and language.

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