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Seussical, Jr.

Ages 8-18

December 18, 9-11am

Stageworks Theatre is holding auditions for Seussical, Jr., performing on the Garza Mainstage April 29 - May 1, 2022. 

Fee: $495 + $35 registration. There is no fee to audition. Once casting is announced, registration must be completed within 24 hours to secure your spot.  Payment plans are available.


How to Audition

  1. Register to audition. (No fee required to audition.)

  2. Review both the Acting Audition and Singing Audition selections below. Two versions of the song for the singing audition are included: one with vocals included to use for your rehearsals, and the other with only the backing tracks, which is what will be used in the auditions. Seussical Jr takes place in the zany, over-the-top world of Dr. Seuss' beloved characters and stories. Your performance in both your song and monologue should reflect this - we should see interesting character choices and big/boisterous performances in your audition. Both pieces should be fully memorized.


At the Audition:

  • You will be called in individually to sing your song and perform the acting monologue. After you sing, our music director may check your vocal range with the keyboard.

  • Bring something to keep you occupied, as there may be some waiting time.

After Auditions:

  • If callbacks are needed you will be advised shortly after your audition. Some roles will likely be cast without the need for callbacks (in other words, if you don’t get a callback for another audition, it does NOT mean you haven’t been cast).

  • If cast in the show, you will need to register for the class to officially accept your role.


Audition Tips:

  • Be fully memorized! Nerves can make lyrics and dialogue fly right out of your brain if they aren’t locked in there really well.

  • Make sure you are acting out your music selections in character! How do you think that character stands? Sounds? What is it they want from the audience? Are they trying to scare them? Get help from them? Persuade them? Make a choice!

  • And again… Make a choice! Make a BIG choice! Just go for it :) Your job in an audition is NOT to guess what we want to see...your job is to show us the BEST you’ve got so that we can make a good decision.

  • Come to auditions dressed comfortably so that you can move. Close toed shoes please- no slide-ons.

A final note. Casting a show is like putting together a giant puzzle. Not being cast in a particular role doesn’t mean you didn't do an amazing job- it just means for the show to function as a whole, you were needed in a different spot.

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