You Thought You Knew Me, But...

A virtual comedy acting & writing workshop

Session A - Ages 9 - 13

Weekdays June 22 - July 3

10 a.m. - 12 p.m Central

Session B - Ages 13 - 19

Weekdays June 22 - July 3

2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Price $150 + $25 registration fee

(If you're 13, select which you prefer, based on your level of experience.)

Tired of working on the same ole monologues?  Become part of the creative process in this unique workshop and flex your creative brain with this monologue acting and writing jam session.

We'll create and work some short monologues, written by our most clever theatre patrons - students!  You'll work the monologue with the director and learn to bring truth to your acting performance through your OWN words!

With the teacher's help, the student will finish the sentence/thought "You thought you knew me, but...." Expect laughing and all kinds of surprises in this multi-dimensional class.

This class is a MUST for any performing arts student ages 9 - 19 who is looking to work creative and acting skills. You do not need to be an experienced actor to enjoy the workshop.

Stageworks Theatre

10760 Grant Road

Houston, Texas 77070


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