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Other Ways To Help

Why does Stageworks need support?

Ticket and tuition prices at cover about 60% of our operating costs.  As a result, we depend on donors like you in order to be able to continually offer accessible quality theatre programs.




We have built an amazing community.  But we're not done yet. 


Our vision is to be a theatre where friends and families work together on all aspects of a production, where patrons of all ages enjoy attending theatre productions together, and where actors of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, and experience levels work together and learn from each other.


Interested? Send us a quick email and tell us about yourself and what areas are of interest to you!

Wish List


Sometimes we "wish" for things that are not in the current budget.  Some of these items include the following. Email us if you'd like to contribute any of the following.

Item Donation


Interested to help out buy "picking up something at the grocery store" next time you're there?  Here is a list of things we always can use and welcome!

  • Case of water

  • Case of toilet paper

  • Case of paper towels

  • Kitchen and industrial size trash bags

  • Bulk candy that we could offer in our concession booth

  • Pens, sharpies, pencils, scissors

  • 9 volt batteries (no rechargables)

  • Printing paper

  • Gift cards to FedEx office (printing!)

  • Costumes --> See this page for details

Where Does The Money Go?

Stageworks Theatre struggles to get large corporate sponsors, due to our location. We have very few paid staff and primarily run from passionate, committed volunteers. Donations from you support the operational needs of the theatre, including:

  • Licensing of all material presented

  • Leased 11,000 square feet and associated utilities, insurance and maintenance

  • Paid staff

  • Printing

  • Directors, choreographers, music directors, and teachers

  • Software to manage the business

Houston Family Arts Center, D.B.A. Stageworks Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To donate, or for more information, contact us  at 281-587-6100 or

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