Theatre Administrator

As we come back from Covid, we are ready to grow back to full capacity. We are looking for a Theatre Administrator to help us ensure that our theatre operates at its finest level!


The Theatre Administration supports the daily operations of the theatre and various volunteer committees. Reporting directly to the Artistic Director and Academy Director, this person also may support the following functions:

  • House Management

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing

  • Main Stage Operations

  • Academy Operations


General Administrative

Serve as the glue that holds all of our efforts together. Provides a warm and responsive face to our organization.

  • Answer phones and incoming messages (email and web) from noon – 6pm Tuesdays – Fridays and  9am – 3pm on Saturdays. All calls and incoming messages should be answered immediately during these hours.

  • Manage show and class licensing requests and inquiries, including   working with Artistic Director and Academy Liaison in managing, securing, distributing and returning show materials 

  • Orders and picks up printing as directed.

  • Embraces our academy software, UltraCamp, becoming a student of our most effective use of it.

  • Loads all shows and manages accounts, ensuring classes are paid for as directed by Academy Director.

  • Assists Artistic Director and Academy Liaison in creating contracts. Execute and manage these contracts in company repository.

  • Maintain theatre records such as contracts, licenses, lease agreements, etc.

  • Works with Fundraising and Treasury to ensure donor information is properly captured into PatronManager for thanks and tax purposes.

  • Collect and distribute mail accordingly.

  • Liaises with Artistic Director and Program Designer to acquire content for main stage programs. Ensures proper delivery of programs.

  • Order scripts and return script rentals.

  • Lays out programs for all academy shows.

  • Liaises with Artistic Director and Program Designer to acquire content for main stage programs. Ensures proper delivery of programs.

  • Works with House Management in concession inventory control, including tracking, ordering, etc.

  • Works closely with Academy Liaison to manage general Academy operations including facilities, class organizations, marketing and administrative functions as requested

  • Enter information on variety of websites including ParentsConnect and Chamber of Commerce

  • Create and cultivate list of target groups, inviting them to our shows. (3 new per quarter) This may include churches, schools, nursing homes, businesses, and other organizations.

  • Assist with research and completion of grant applications.

  • Manage our centralized Dropbox for document storage and ensure proper rights are maintained.

  • Develop, contact, and maintain relationships with individual, corporation, and non-profit donors

  • Pull monthly reports for the executive committee of the board of directors (to be defined).

  • Work with Board to target distribution of complimentary tickets.  (Chambers of Commerce meetings, for example.)

  • Assists the Executive Board as needed.

  • Other administrative duties as assigned.



Work with the Facilities Liaison, the President and House Management to ensure that theatre is clean, operational, and presentable to our volunteers, staff and patrons at all times.


  • Manages the efforts and quality of the cleaning crew. Informs them on any quality issues or schedule updates.

  • Set and enforce room use standards (i.e., cleanliness of rehearsal and performance spaces)

  • Communicate with Facilities Liaison and President regarding any repairs needed

  • Work to coordinate outside contacts for repair as directed (landlord, contractor, or repair person)

  • Ensures daily trash removal from the facility.

  • Manage room rentals.

  • Manage staff schedules, room schedules, and teaching schedules.




  • Monitor supplies

    • Janitorial (soap, paper towels, toilet paper light bulbs)

    • Concessions (candy & drinks)

  • Acquire supplies as directed. This requires driving.

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