The Jungle Book

Ages 6-12

July 12 - 23, 2021

Classes 9am - 2pm Monday - Friday



  • Friday, July 23 @ 3pm

  • Saturday, July 24 @ noon

  • Sunday, July 25 @ 1pm

$300 plus $35 registration fee

(Payment plans available)

Instructor - Betsy Wilson

This class is for the young actor, age 6-13 who is looking for an opportunity to learn some acting skills, while enjoying the journey of putting on a show.  You'll meet for 5 hours/day for two weeks and during that time you'll meet friends, audition for a show, and participate in acting exercises, get assigned a role in the show, and rehearse for the shows the weekend after class.

Join this thrilling and fun-filled adventure!

When a human child named Mowgli is taken and raised by a family of wolves, he must learn the ways of the jungle. Fortunately he has the wise panther Bagheera and friendly Baloo the bear by his side. But soon Mowgli finds himself in trouble with Shere Khan the tiger and the trickster monkey tribe. It's up to Mowgli's jungle friends to rescue him and Mowgli must decide if he should return to the nearby man-village or live in the wild with the ones he loves.

Parts can be played by any gender.

This is a non-musical production.

This show will perform in the Fischer Studio.​​

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All participants and families will be expected to abide by our Health and Safety protocols developed to help prevent the spread of COVID -19. ​