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Teen Summer Stock Auditions

May 1, 5pm - 7pm

Thank you to all who auditioned on Sunday.  With about 25 additional people signing up at the last minute, we were overwhelmed by the participation and thank you for your flexibility as we took more time than initially promised.

To get through all of the auditions in a proper manner, we are going to take the week to determine next steps.  Please sit tight and all will hear from us by Sunday, May 8.  

Summer for teens at Stageworks is HOT this year!  We are holding three audition-only teen-only productions. These shows will require pre-audition.

There is no fee to audition. No show rehearsals, or performances will interfere with this summer's Thespians event. 

How to Audition
  1. Check out show dates and details:

  2. Register to audition (no fee).

  3. Once registered, we will start sending audition instructions via email. 

Audition Tips
  • Be fully memorized! Nerves can make lyrics fly right out of your brain if they aren’t locked in there really well.

  • Think about what character you'd like to be considered for. There are no limitations. We will even be gender bending some roles.

  • Once you know who you are “going for” make sure you are acting out your music selections as that character! How do you think that character stands? Sounds? What is it they want from the audience? Are they trying to scare them? Get help from them? Persuade them? Make a choice!

  • And again… Make a choice! Make a BIG choice! Just go for it :) Your job in an audition is NOT to guess what we want to see...your job is to show us the BEST you’ve got so that we can make a good decision.

  • Come to auditions dressed comfortably so that you can move. Close toed shoes please- no slide-ons.

  • We strongly recommend you make every effort to participate in the auditions in person,  but if you have a conflict that will prohibit you from participating, please record your audition and upload to the registration link above.


A Final Note

Casting a show is like putting together a giant puzzle. Not being cast in a particular role doesn’t mean you didn't do an amazing job- it just means for the show to function as a whole, you were needed in a different spot. The good news is- this is an awesome ensemble show, and there are no parts that are unimportant. I can’t wait to see what you bring to the audition room… as always, reach out if you have any questions!

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