Taming of the Shrew



Ages 12 - 19

Tuesdays 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Saturdays noon - 3pm

October 10 - January 23 

Directed by Sean K. Thompson

Performances will be held on the Garza Mainstage.

Friday, January 29, 7:30pm

Saturday, January 30, 7:30pm

Sunday, January 31, 3pm

Shows may be added, pending demand, the following weekend, February 5 -7.

$75/month + $25 registration fee (4 months)

Health Protocols

All students and families will be expected to participate in our Health and Safety Protocols, developed to protect from the spread of COVID 19.

If you haven't yet had the chance to study Shakespeare works in a theatrical classroom, this is your chance in a no-fear environment. You'll get to edit your character's lines, add songs, create your own styling, and dive into much more than "learning lines and blocking." Check out the Ted Talk below to get a sense of what can be done with this timeless writing.

In Padua, young Bianca Minola has found true love and is ready to marry. But there’s a problem: her father Baptista has a rule that Katherine - his eldest daughter and Bianca’s big sister - must marry first. And THAT problem has a problem: Kate wants nothing to do with marriage. Enter Petruchio, an eligible bachelor looking to marry into wealth. Can Bianca get Petruchio to woo her sister so that there can be a happy ending for all? Though “Shrew” on its surface presents a 16th-century view of gender roles, this production will present a unique take that is guaranteed to entertain and educate students and audiences alike. 

This class is a MUST for any performing arts student ages 12 - 19 who is looking to explore the power of word-play.  You do not need to be an experienced actor to enjoy the workshop. 12 students limit.

In this show, all students get to enjoy working on their own costumes, to be provided by the families.  This is a change in our traditional programming that we believe will assist in a few things:  1.  Develop a great skill!  2. Ensure safety. 3.   Keep pricing lower for the show.

Schedule Notes

Tech week Jan 26, 27, 28 @ 7:00pm - 9:30PM

No required rehearsals will be held on the following dates: Nov 24, Dec 22, Dec 26, Dec 29, Jan 2.


On the week of Jan 11, there will be a Thursday rehearsal instead of the Saturday rehearsal.

Refund Policy

Due to the health situation, we know that times are very uncertain.  As a non-profit, our goal is not to make money, but to at only pay for what we do. To initiate these classes, we will be initiating costs of instructors, support teams, administrative help, utilities, insurance, etc.  Although we normally provide no refund opportunity, please note our refund policies below.

  • Should the class not start, due to community health worsening, paid tuition will be refunded.  If you paid for the class with a credit from the spring, the tuition amount will go back to your account as a credit.

  • We have built in extra time in this class. We should really have too much time.  Should somebody in the class, or a family member of somebody in the class test positive for COVID-19, we will shut down class for at least two weeks, at that time.  

  • Should we start the class and for whatever reason you decide that your child should no longer participate in the class, you may receive a prorated credit of the tuition amount. You will not receive a cash refund.

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