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One-Week Camps

One week camps are a great way to discover new skills and talents or hone current skills. A variety of camps will be offered for all ages this summer.

Performance Camps

Putting on a show in a performance camp is great for the student who wants to participate in creating an entire show.  Registered students will audition prior to the class starting so that we can hit the ground running on day one!  Although you may be asked to supply a base portion of the costume, the theatre will provide costumes. Tickets will be available for purchase.

Summers at our Acting Academy are fun and air conditioned. We have performance and skill-based classes for all ages, and all levels of experience. If you'd like to discuss what classes are best for your performer, contact us via email or at 281-587-6100. We're happy to help you determine the best fit. Payment plans are available for all classes.

Summer Acting Academy Classes and Performance Camps

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