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Stageworks Theatre STAGE-a-thon - Saturday, June 6, 2020

Join us for a some virtual fun, inspiration, and amazing talent.  

Our Stageworks Theatre STAGE-a-thon will celebrate the greatest asset we have - our people! We'll broadcast three hours of live music and singing, skits and performances, and all sorts of wonderful, talented, and family-friendly entertainment.

Where:  The comfort of your home on this page!

When: Saturday, June 6 from  5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

You'll enjoy seeing some of the bright and shining faces of some of your favorite actors and artists, from all age groups!

Need a reminder?  Select that you're "GOING" or "INTERESTED" to this online event


About the Fundraiser

It's no secret that COVID-19 has taken a toll on the area businesses, workforce, and non-profits.  During the best of times, Stageworks operates on a very limited budget. And now, during these worst of times, our entire business model is on the brink of collapse. Without income, we have no way to pay our employees or our rent. This virtual event will provide an opportunity to make any size donation.

The positive news is that the Board of Directors has built a solid plan to come out of this crisis by the end of 2021. It is a tiered plan that will allow us to come back safely and slowly, since the year ahead is going to look much different than those of the past.


Over the past 15 years, we've made it through economic downturns, hurricanes, and floods. Making it through this calamity will require more of a team effort.  We are calling on our theatre-loving community and local neighborhoods to unite with us to secure the vitality of this beacon of expression, entertainment, and education.

Please join us on June 6, 2020 for this star-studded gathering of hope and unity. Our artists are lining up to perform for you!

Ready to donate now?  Get started with a recurring donation.


Note: Stageworks Theatre employs a small staff of paid employees and commissioned artists, but most are currently furloughed. Our Board of Directors are solely volunteers, drawing no income from the theatre. In fact, all donate a significant amount of time and money to the theatre.

Stageworks Theatre qualifies for various governmental programs designed to supplement operational expenses due to this crisis. Although we applied on the first day that applications were accepted for several short-term loans and grants, we were informed that funds are no longer available, with no timeline given regarding possibility of upcoming awards.


Actual photos of us social distancing.

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