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Masks for Theatre Lovers! (This promotion has ended.)

Sean Carmen Harrison and Oliver Grigg

It turns out that when you lock up artists and don't let them work on theatre, they find something to do! While the theatre’s Board of Directors is hard at work determining our plans for the summer and next season, our costumers are finding other ways to stay busy.

Our Drive to Help

During this pandemic, individuals are finding ways to help the community. That includes the Stageworks costuming team - me (Julie Montgomery), Barbara Terry, Jeanie Harrison, and Lisa Garza. Since the costuming of shows is temporarily postponed, we, naturally, started making masks for friends and family. Out of "small talk," ok, maybe it was texting, we realized that we were all making masks - without realizing it. However, our workloads were dwindling, because we'd about completed provisioning those close to us. But we wanted to keep helping.