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A Most Unrecognizable Character

Rounding out Sylvia's 4-person cast is a man who plays multiple roles in the lives of our central family: Timothy Eggert. Tim brings three distinctly different people to life (to great comic effect!). We are lucky dogs to have his attention to detail, and commitment to the characters. Read his one-on-one-on-three below!

Why did you audition for Sylvia?

I found out there was a part in the show that called for multiple roles. Secret revealed: that sort of thing really terrifies me. I look at a show like The 39 Steps, where each actor is playing a zillion roles, and I am in total awe. I have to work up the courage for a challenge like that, and had to tell myself if other actors can do a zillion - surely I can pull off three: a man, a woman, and someone whose gender is unspecified. But I had a ton of encouragement from friends, so I went for it and was very fortunate.