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Meet Chick: Crimes of the Heart

You've heard us bragging about our new Theatre Administration and Academy Director. Well, now is your chance to catch her on stage. She sat down to teach us a little more about herself. We think you'll love getting to know her.

I know you're relatively new to Stageworks, serving as the Theatre Administration and Academy Director! Congrats on that. How did you learn about the theatre?

I came to see Chelsea Lerner in Little Shop of Horrors. Coming to see her was my first time to Stageworks. I am a native Houstonian but am not from the Northwest side of town to have had a fair chance to know the theater. What is funny though, is that years earlier I was contacted to come in and possibly Sound Design for a HFAC. I was not able to at that time, and it wasn’t until after getting hired later as the Administration and Academy Direct