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Houston Family Arts Center is Now Stageworks Theatre

“Not just the name, but our entire mission, has expanded… for the better.”

HOUSTON, TX – April 23, 2016 – At last night’s opening performance of its latest production, Houston Family Arts Center (HFAC), the foremost theatrical arts center in the northwest Houston area, made a special announcement to the audience. Signaling a major shift in the direction of the theatre, board president Julie Montgomery and artistic director Michael Montgomery announced that the theatre has been renamed Stageworks Theatre.

“Not just our name, but our entire mission, has expanded… for the better,” said Julie Montgomery. “The new name denotes the promise to our existing, longtime audiences that we will continue our quality productions suitable for most ages, as well as an expanded production platform that offers personalized entertainment experiences to various age groups.”

The new programs and initiatives include enhanced skills classes for the youth theatre educational academy that provides comprehensive musical theatre training to children and teens; a black box late-night series that offers productions catered to more mature audiences; and upcoming seasons designed to draw in new audiences to sit alongside the theatre’s longtime supporters. Additionally, the black box Fischer Studio will also be used to provide alternative entertainment such as live music and original productions.”

“Stageworks invites new and old audiences alike to come visit our facilities,” said Montgomery. “Tours are available by reservation, and we have professional staff ready to answer your questions and welcome you to a brand new theatre that’s been here for more than ten years.”

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