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This is a complimentary event for subscribers and donors. Reservations for non-subscribers may be made now and you are asked to make a donation at the door (credit cards accepted).

Special Event: Play Reading

Saturday, August 27, 2022 2:30PM
Performed in the Fischer Studio.
Reservations required

Did you ever wonder how a play gets created? This is your chance to see it in action!  This project, Shoebox, started at a writers' retreat before Covid.  New area playwright, J Christopher Blanchard continued to develop the piece and is ready to hear it presented live.  This is not a completed work.


Signey finds a shoebox full a poems written by her father. The poignant verses provide color to most of the family milestones of recent generations. As she reviews the contents of the box, they reveal the stories and build an obvious foundation for her modern family’s dynamics - what drives them apart and what continually drives them back them together.

What is a Staged Play Reading?


A staged reading is a form of theatre without sets or full costumes. The actors, who read from scripts, may be seated, stand in fixed positions, or incorporate minimal stage movement. A narrator will read stage directions aloud. The purpose is to gauge the effectiveness of the dialogue, pacing and flow, and other dramatic elements that the playwright or director may wish to adjust. Audience feedback contributes to the process. 

Seats are available at no charge to our 2022-23 season subscribers and invited donors, while seats are still available. Non-subscribers may attend with a donation at the door, but tickets must be reserved ahead of time.

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