Sean K. Thompson, Vice President

Though Sean’s passion for theatre stretches back to his Shakespearean debut in 1971 at the age of 6, his administrative relationship in the arts came later. In 1997, he formed The Houston Underground Players, the city’s first traveling variety show troupe, which ran in venues all over the area for three years before being absorbed by Theatre Free America. He enjoyed a two-year stint on the board of directors for The Country Playhouse (reimaged as Queensbury Theatre) between 2002-2004. After producing and directing the Houston Gridiron for several years, he was appointed to the Houston Press Club board of directors from 2011-2017.

His personal stake in theatre, however, came in 2008, when he was appointed to the board of directors for UpStage Theatre in Houston Heights. After two years, he was elected president, and two years after that he ‘inherited’ the theatre from its founders and became artistic director in 2012. For seven years, he enjoyed his position, until he and the board of directors opted to rebrand the theatre and move it to The Woodlands area; and thus was Points North Theatre Company born from the ashes of UpStage. Sean maintains his artistic directorship of Points North to this day, and also appreciates his stint as a board member for The Players Theatre Company based in the Owen Theatre in Conroe.

His heart, however, belongs to Stageworks, which he joined as an actor in 2015. Two years later he was appointed Shakespearean director for Stageworks Academy where he’s directed a successful series of teen-acted productions. At the same time he was invited to join the board of directors, and also enjoyed directing and acting in several productions. He is honored to have  been elected vice president of the board and is eager to help guide Stageworks to its new levels.

By day, Sean is the owner and CEO of c3 – Creative Content Creations, and is cohost of Mornings with Dick and Skippy on Lone Star Community Radio and cohost of Woodlands On Air for television and streaming video. He is also an award-winning producer, director, playwright, screenwriter, and actor, and is also a bestselling novelist.

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