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Donations Requested: Desks, Chairs, and Shelving

We are excited to be reclaiming our approximately 2500 square feet of rehearsal space and offices!

Amidst the COVID pandemic, we were able to work with our landlord to decrease our monthly spend by giving up some of our space. When we cleaned out, we had to get rid of our office furniture, shelving, and other storage items.

Now that the painting is done (see photos down below), we've create a wishlist on Amazon. We've listed the prices below at the time this page was created - but those prices change. We wanted to give you an easy reference at a glance.

If you have items you'd like to donate that are not these specific listed items, reach out and let's see if we can use them! With this or any other questions --> Contact us. 


We appreciate your help in bringing us back from the pandemic! Our donors and supporters are the BEST!


Thank you to

our donors!

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