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Make an Impact and Become a Producing Partner

Stageworks Theatre Needs Your Support

Since closing our doors due to COVID-19, there’s one thing we’ve consistently heard from Stageworks patrons – Stageworks Theatre has made a tremendous impact on your lives. Everything from meeting the love of your life, being introduced to lifelong friends, and simply spreading joy with our productions. Now, more than ever, we need you to help make an impact for Stageworks Theatre.  


It's no secret that COVID-19 has taken a toll on area businesses, workforces, and our personal lives.  Stageworks Theatre is no exception. The positive news is that the Board of Directors has built a solid plan to come out of this crisis by the end of 2021. It is a tiered plan that will allow us to come back safely and slowly, since the year ahead is going to look much different than those of the past. However, to implement this plan, we need your support.

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Help Make an Impact 

Stageworks Theatre has run exemplary theatre for almost 15 years, and we’re not letting a virus stop us. We will extend our run! 


While we will always take donations of any size, we recognize that these are uncertain times, and many of our Stageworks patrons and families have been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19. Recurring donations can turn a small monthly donation into a larger annual donation.


Here’s how a smaller monthly donation can grow to make a huge impact!


$15 per month = $180 annually

$25 per month = $300 annually

$50 per month = $600 annually

$100 per month = $1,200 annually


No donation is too small. They all can make a huge impact on the future of Stageworks Theatre. Help “Make an Impact” and become a Producing Partner.

How Will My Recurring Donations Be Used?

Stageworks Theatre has always set the standard in offering high-quality, high-value theatre in the Houston area – now we’re setting the standard for safety. Stageworks is dedicated to adhering to CDC and local health guidelines with strict mask mandates, temperature checks, and the sanitation of all supplies, seating, and other areas of contact. Beyond that, our board of directors at Stageworks have taken safety to the next level.

  •  Sanitizing protocols and services – As part of our COVID-19 protocol, we are conducting frequent cleaning of high-touch areas during rehearsals and shows, cleaning with anti-viral supplies after every rehearsal and show, and deep cleaning of the entire theatre on a weekly basis. However, that wasn’t enough for us. Stageworks has partnered with Raus Restoration Services to provide quarterly hospital-grade disinfection to help reduce and control the spread of microorganisms such as COVID-19. This service, according to Raus, “kills 99.999 percent of all viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, microbials, mold and mildew, and it protects up to 90 days after treatment.”


  • Air purifying and ionization system installation – While the sanitizing protocol is creating one safety level, we knew other services were available and proceeded in creating an even safer environment. Before opening our doors, Stageworks installed the REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifying System to our AC system. This is identical to systems used in hospitals to make sure that air is circulated to remove 99 percent of any harmful contaminants in the air. With the installation of this system, our goal is to help with COVID-19 and other aerial pathogens, such as the seasonal flu, MRSA, E. coli, and more.


Were these additional measures required? No. However, in our eyes, it’s necessary. The health and safety of our patrons, students, artists, volunteers, and staff are, and always will be, our number one priority. However, these additional safety features come at an expense, and it’s the support of our donors and Producing Partners that makes it possible.

How Will Future Donations Be Used?

All donations immediately impact Stageworks Theatre.


Our generous landlord is working with us to ensure that we can make it through this difficult time, so much of our overhead costs are reduced. However, we still must pay staff, rent, utilities, and other overhead costs, while the revenues that normally fund these items are not available.


Our number one immediate focus is safety.


Our doors are open, rehearsals have started, and we’re ready to lead the way in safely creating and delivering live theatre to the Houston area. However, to maintain our high level of safety standards to keep our doors open, some expenditures include: 

  • Ongoing facility sanitization 

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Masks for staff and volunteers

  • Use of air purification system


Will You Join Us?


The year ahead will, undoubtedly, be a different one, when it comes to live theatre.  But we’re ready to work together to build back this important community voice.  We are excited about our long-term future and look forward to:

  • Announcement of the next Main Stage season.

  • Spring classes and additional programming in our Acting Academy.

  • Continuous development of strategies to keep Stageworks a safe, clean, and COVID-free environment.​


Future generations will thank you and us for making it through these next turbulent months. We invite you to be part of the solution by becoming a Producing Partner today.  

Houston Family Arts Center, D.B.A. Stageworks Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To donate, or for more information, contact our box office at 281-587-6100 or

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