Health and Safety at Stageworks Theatre

Below is the general section of the Guide. In addition to what's below, we have detailed protocols we will follow in the event of symptoms presenting in any visitor to our facility, rehearsal guidelines, and show production plans.  (Read the full guide.)

We are proud that Stageworks Theatre is setting a new standard in safe, high quality, high value theatre in the Houston area. To maintain a healthy and safe environment, we pledge a zero-tolerance stance for any aberration of the guidelines presented below. We also reserve the right to refuse entry to our facility and remove any individual refusing to follow these protocols at any time.

All guidelines and protocols apply to all individuals visiting Stageworks Theatre including patrons, parents, vendors, etc. and any individuals with a volunteer, contractual or staff relationship with Stageworks Theatre, including actors, students, directors, choreographers, stage managers, instructors, technical support, construction services, design services. This document does not preclude an individual’s accountability and responsibility in preventing the spread of any virus, bacteria or any illness deemed a public health hazard. Every individual must gauge their own risk(s) when attending or participating in a public gathering.  If you are in a high-risk category for a public health hazard, please do not attend live theatre or participate in classes, productions, etc. We must all do our part to enjoy theatre safely while protecting fellow citizens from harmful situations. 


Visiting Stageworks

  • Guests. No uninvited guests are permitted. All invited guests including parents, contractors, vendors and any other visitor must abide by the protocols listed in this Guide upon entering a Stageworks’ facility. Guidelines are available for review and some protocols are posted and shared with all visitors in advance of their arrival. Doors are locked for all rehearsals/production activities. Contact Directors, Stage Managers or Stageworks Representatives by phone/text to enter the facility. 

  • Masking. Upon entering a Stageworks facility, masks must be worn at all times while on-site. Masks are expected to provide a maximum level of protection -- fitting tightly around the mouth and nose. We reserve the right to deny entry to a Stageworks facility if any individual behavior or action is deemed unsafe, including failure to secure a mask or wearing an unsafe mask. 

  • 6-ft Rule. Maintain at least six feet of distance from individuals.  We’d prefer this distance to be 10-ft. as much as possible.

  • Crowding/Physical Contact. 

    • Avoid handshakes, hugs and touching each other.  

    • Do not touch the face. 

    • Do not congregate in the lobby or any other common areas. 

    • When possible, no more than one person at a time in the restrooms.​


If you believe we’ve missed the mark in our effort to create a safe theatre experience, please let us know. Comments may be submitted anonymously.

Thanks for your comments. We value your input as we navigate the health situation.

​Student drop off and pick up.  

To minimize traffic, our front door will remain locked.

  • Adults, parents, and visitors will only be allowed in the facility with prior notification or in the case of an emergency pertaining to your student.

  • Drop-off: Please be prepared to wait outside of the facility up to 10 minutes before class begins, after which you may allow your student to enter the building. 

  • Be sure your child is wearing a mask properly before exiting the vehicle and understands the rules regarding masks, physical contact, etc.

  • Students will sign in with a Stageworks representative at the front lobby door.

  • Pick-up: Please remain in your car. A Stageworks representative will deliver your student to you after verifying your ID for pickup authorization. 

Temperature Checks.

Stageworks reserves the right to perform temperature checks on any individual entering a Stageworks’ facility. Normal temperature is considered below 99.6 degrees. For temperature results of 99.6 degrees and above, a subsequent check will be administered.  Individuals with temperatures of 99.6 degrees or above are not permitted to enter or remain in the facility.


Continuous Hygiene. 
  • Facility Entry. Wash hands with soap/water or sanitize hands with an alcohol-based solution (70% or greater alcohol) prior and immediately upon entering a Stageworks facility.

  • 30-minute Rule. Wash hands with soap/water for 20 seconds every 30 minutes.

  • Continuously sanitize hands with an alcohol-based solution before and after using any tools, equipment, props, doors, reentry/exit from the facility, as well as any contact with another individual. 

  • No sharing food and beverages. 

  • Do not share tools, equipment, pens/pencils, scripts, notebooks, etc. 

General Sanitizing.

All props, set pieces, tables, chairs, tools, work areas are wiped down with an approved bleach-based solution or disinfecting wipes/spray at the beginning of each work session, rehearsal, or live performance. 


Individual Responsibility.
  • Self-Health Check. Actors, students, staff, volunteers, designers, technical support, Board members, etc. and any individual visiting the Stageworks’ facility must administer a symptom check daily, including a temperature check, before coming on-site.

  • Self-Identify. It is an individual’s responsibility to self-identify any symptoms they are experiencing and stay at home if you show symptoms.  We will be happy to exchange your ticket for a future show.



During a declared pandemic, Stageworks abides by County, State and CDC guidelines and regulations regarding large event gatherings. However, the Board reserves the right to restrict Theatre capacity and other regulations even further based on our own criteria reflecting conditions in our area.  Seating capacity, seating configurations and physically disabled seating will be restrictive and limited during these times. 

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and Sanitizing Supplies. 
  • Stageworks provides cleaning and sanitizing supplies: approved cleaning solution(s), bleach wipes, 70%+ alcohol hand sanitizer, paper towels, gloves.

  • We highly recommend individuals visiting the theatre bring their own kit that includes: bleach solution wipes, a 70%+ alcohol sanitizer, gloves, etc.

  • Individuals are responsible for providing their own masks and face shields.

Social Responsibility.  

One week prior to the first on-site rehearsal and continuously until the final performance, any actor, student, parent/legal guardian, contractor, staff, or volunteer involved in a Stageworks’ production or class is expected to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to the Stageworks community by maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle includes avoiding environments and gatherings not practicing strict pandemic health and safety measures, such as social-distancing and masking, or other activities considered at risk for COVID-19 exposure. 



All individuals entering a Stageworks’ facility at any time are expected to adhere to ALL guidelines and protocols communicated in this guide as applicable.  We reserve the right to deny entry to the facility and deny continued participation in activities if any individual is deemed unsafe or not following the protocols and expectations in this guide.

​Stageworks reserves the right to terminate participation in a class or production or deny entry to a Stageworks’ facility for any individual at any time and to request proof of a negative result or a medical professional’s confirmation of an alternative diagnosis. Refer to Section I for Stay Home and Return protocols. No refunds will be provided.