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Mini-Musical: Broadway Villains

Saturdays, September 9 - December 2, 1:30pm - 3pm
Ages 12 - 18

Explore the dark side of Broadway with this musical revue dedicated to the captivating world of Broadway villains. In this class performers will explore the complex characters and iconic songs of Broadway's most memorable villains. Students will delve into the mesmerizing performances and show-stopping musical moments that make your favorite villains unforgettable.


Rehearsals will consist of both group classes and masterclasses in dancing, singing, and acting. Special Stageworks guests will make appearances as instructors to teach a variety of intensive classes which will culminate in a musical revue at the end of the semester. Join us for a wickedly entertaining experience that celebrates the enchanting allure of Broadway's greatest villains!



Sat Dec 2 @ 3pm and 6pm, Sun Dec 3 @ 3pm

Mini Musical Villains.png

$295 plus $35 one time/semester registration fee (only due for the first class for which you register - Payment plans available) 


Have any questions?  We'd love to hear from you and help determine what may be the best fit for your class.  Email us or give us a call 281-587-6100. 

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