Auditions: It's A Wonderful Life - A Live Radio Play

Stageworks Theatre announces auditions for  It’s a Wonderful Life - A Live Radio Play, adapted by adapted by Joe Landry, and directed by Sean Thompson, August 20, 2019. This is a “show within a show,” and is a super-fun opportunity for actors, including those who love to do different voices. Check out this sample from the Long Wharf Theatre at the right.

Ring in the holiday season with Frank Capra’s classic film brought to life as a 1946 radio broadcast, complete with vintage commercials and a live foley (sound effects) artist. George Bailey, a man with all the right stuff except luck, takes stock of his life one fateful Christmas Eve. His feckless guardian angel Clarence shows him that success can be measured in many ways, leading to an ending warmer than a hot mug of cocoa on a cold winter’s night. Fun for the whole family! 


All auditions are open to the community and parts may be cast with actors of any ethnicity.  All actors are required to be at least 18 years old at the time of auditions. Additionally, roles may be cast without callbacks, so bring it in the open audition! Auditions, rehearsals and performances are held at Stageworks Theatre, 10760 Grant Road, Houston, Texas 77070.

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Audition Schedule
  • Auditions - Tuesday, August 20, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  • Callbacks, if required, by invitation TBD

Rehearsal Schedule
  • Estimated to begin in mid-September

  • Rehearsals are generally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday 7:00pm -10:00pm & some Saturdays

  • Required rehearsals are held every Thursday evening during the run of the show


Performance Schedule
  • November 29 - December 22, 2019 (12 shows)

  • Fridays 7:30pm, Saturdays 7:30pm, Sundays  3:00pm


How to Audition
  • Sign up for  an audition appointment here:

  • Complete an audition form. You will need an acting resume, a headshot, an emergency contact, and all of your conflict information.  A detailed schedule will be crafted based off conflicts. We generally accept 4-6 conflicts. Please bring this information with you to the live audition.

  • Select the actor for which you’d like to audition. Review the sides. Find all of the characters that your “actor” plays and find a unique sound for each of those. You’ll read these sides with other actors.

  • If you’d like to read for more than one “actor” don’t sign up for two slots, we’ll work you in.

  • Please plan to stay for a bit after your audition, as we may like to move actors around.  We’ll communicate more with you about this that evening, but be prepared to stay a couple of hours.

Final Casting

Watch the Stageworks Theatre Open Auditions Facebook group for casting updates, and we post the cast on the website, once announced.  


Available Roles and Director Character Notes


The production involves each actor playing multiple "radio voice" roles, so we will be particularly looking for different characterizations and voices from each actor.


The following breakdown is for six actors (three men and two women and one that could be either). The CAPITALIZED names are those of the radio per­formers who are performing It's a Wonderful Life on the radio show. 


FREDDIE FILMORE  - Announcer, Gower, Potier, Billy, Joseph, Peter Bailey, Ernie, Old Man Collins, Ed, Pete, Man (at Martini’s), Nick, Bridge Keeper, Binky, Cop


JAKE LAURENTS (George Bailey and Young George)


SALLY APPLEWHITE - Mary Hatch (and Young Mary)


LANA SHERWOOD - Violet (and Young Violet), Rose Bailey, Matilda, Ruth, Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Thompson, Schultz, Zuzu, Janie, Sadie Vance


HARRY ”JAZZBO" HAYWOOD - Harry (and Young Harry), Bert, Clarence Oddbody, Sam Wainwright, Martini, Dr. Campbell, Charlie (at run on bank), Horace the teller, Mr. Welch, Tommy, Sheriff


FOLEY ARTIST/STAGE MANAGER - We’re looking for an actor who is enthusiastic to help make the “sounds” of the show. You’ll be an actor in the show making the radio sound effects and will play the radio play’s stage manager (you won’t stage manage this actual production). 


All actors also provide various crowd noises and voices.

Please be prepared to read the characters that your "actor" would play in each of the following sides.

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