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December 9, 2023

Directed by Michael Montgomery 

Musical Direction & Choreography by Adam Delka 

Gypsy_600x600_logo_JM_Auditions copy.jpg

Regarded by many theatre professionals as the finest musical ever created, Gypsy is the ultimate tale of an ambitious stage mother fighting for her daughters’ success – while secretly yearning for her own. Set all across America in the 1920s and 30s, when vaudeville was dying and burlesque was born, Arthur Laurents’ landmark show explores the world of two-bit show business with brass, humor, heart and sophistication. Adult themes.  Parental guidance suggested.

  • Saturday, December 9 

  • Ages 10 - 16: 9am-10am

  • Ages 17+: 10am-1pm

  • Actors sign up for a specific time slot at time of registration using the registration link.  A dance/movement call (audition) is included each hour before or after your vocal audition.  No additional scheduling is required - plan to stay until you have completed the dance call.

  • Video auditions are accepted via registration form until Friday, December 8th. 

  • If necessary, Callbacks will be held on Monday, December 11 or Tuesday, December 12 from 7pm-10pm. 


Stageworks Theatre, 10760 Grant Road, Houston TX 77070


We are looking for 20-25 fun, hard-working and passionate adults, teens and young actors who are excited about classic Broadway shows. Please prepare a single song selection of no more than 60 seconds (32 bars). Selection may be from the show or in a similar style. An accompanist is not available. Please bring your backing track on a device such as a phone or tablet. Bluetooth speaker will be provided. 



The 1st rehearsal is Thursday, January 4 7-10pm. The general rehearsal schedule is as follows.  

  • 4-5 days per week (teens/children are less). Mondays through Thursdays 7pm-10pm 

  • Saturdays am/pm until 5:30pm and/or Sundays after 12pm. 

  • Thursdays, March 7 & 14 are reserved for pick-up rehearsals OR performances based on demand. Attendance is required. 


Tech/Dress Schedule 

  • Thursday, February 22, 6pm-10:30pm 

  • Saturday, February 24, 10am-7pm (with meal break) 

  • Sunday, February 25 – OFF 

  • Monday, February 26, 6pm-11pm 

  • Tuesday, February 27, 6pm-11pm 

  • Wednesday, February 28, 6pm-11pm 

  • Thursday, February 29, 6pm-11pm 


  • Friday, March 1 at 7:30pm 

  • Saturday, March 2 at 2pm and 7:30pm 

  • Sunday, March 3 at 3pm 

  • Friday, March 8 at 7:30pm 

  • Saturday, March 9 at 2pm and 7:30pm 

  • Sunday, March 10 at 2pm 

  • Friday, March 15 at 7:30pm 

  • Saturday, March 16 at 2pm and 7:30pm 

  • Sunday, March 17 at 3pm 



Given the condensed rehearsal schedule, we respectfully ask that conflicts be limited to 3 per cast member. More than that may affect casting eligibility.  Note that NOT all actors will be called for every rehearsal; therefore, schedule adherence and conflict management are required for this show. Teens and children will generally only be called twice per week until February 10.  


Stageworks is a high-quality community theatre and generally performance positions are volunteer. We are looking for people passionate about performing and working alongside a community of like-minded individuals committed to supporting Stageworks’ mission to cultivate a space where people connect, transform, and thrive – onstage and in the world. For those who require financial assistance, modest travel stipends are available for those performers located outside of a 15-mile radius of the theatre. We do not want financial resources to prohibit those interested in joining our community. Contact Michael Montgomery to inquire. 


The creative team is committed to casting practices that advance diversity and inclusion. All ethnicities, types, and abilities will be considered for every role. Additionally, the genders listed in the breakdown below are specific to the pronouns used in the script, however the creative team may consider any gender identity for roles provided that the performer can execute the vocal requirements.  


(Ages noted in parenthesis are stage-age.)

ROSE – Vocal range F3 to C5 (Female age 35-55) 
The quintessential stage mother. Lives her life vicariously through her two daughters, whom she’s put into show business. She is loud, brash, pushy and single-minded, but at times can be doting and charming.  Superb acting skills required along with a powerhouse Broadway belt. Minimal dance but must move well. Comic timing a must. 

LOUISE/GYPSY ROSE LEE – Vocal range G3 to E5 (Female age 18-25) 
The older version of Young Louise. Must be able to transform from the mousy and awkward Louise into the sophisticated and seductive young adult Burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee. Basic dance skills required but should be able to move well, strong acting skills needed. Must be comfortable with the character’s profession: strip tease. The character is very scantily clad but never actually appears in the nude. 

JUNE – Vocal range G3 to F5 (Female age 17-25) 
The older version of Dainty June. Female. The older she gets the more frustrated with her mother’s domination she becomes. A Shirley Temple type child star. Must be able to belt a song and have strong dancing skills. The ability to do splits, high kicks, tap/jazz dance, baton twirling is a big plus, but not required. 

HERBIE – Vocal range C3 to D4 (Male age 35-55) 
Manager for Rose’s act and Rose’s loyal boyfriend. Male. He has a heart of gold but also has the power to defend the people he loves with strength. Minimum dance but must move well. A baritone, strong acting role. 

TULSA – Vocal range C3 to G5 (Male age 17-25) 
Boy-next-door type. Strives to break out of the troupe with an act of his own. Sings and dances “All I Need Is the Girl.” Extremely good dancer in all styles of show dance including tap.  Good singer, charming young man. 

TESSIE TURA – Vocal range B3 to D5 (Female age 25-40s) 
Experienced and wise burlesque performer, just past her prime. She was once a ballerina and still has some of the moves. A course “broad” who’s been around the block. Very funny. Strong movement/dance required, specialty: Ballet Stripper. 

MAZEPPA – Vocal range G3 to D5 (Female age 25-40s) 
Bold and brassy trumpet playing burlesque stripper, past her prime. Female/Mature Adult. Tough and physically intimidating. Strong movement/dance required. Trumpet playing skills would be a plus, but not required. 

ELECTRA – Vocal range B3 to D5 (Female 25-40s) 
Ditsy and sweet burlesque stripper, past her prime. Female/Mature Adult. Quieter than her counterparts but her costume is wired with lights, allowing her to “shine” without working up a sweat. Basic dance skills required. 

ADULT SUPPORTING ROLES (All genders ages 17-30) 



Member of June’s “Farmboys.”  Strong singer and dancer. 



Member of June’s “Farmboys.”  Strong singer and dancer. 


Member of June’s “Farmboys.”  Strong singer and dancer. 


Singing and dancing member of the “Hollywood Blondes”.  


Singing and dancing member of the “Hollywood Blondes”.  


Singing and dancing member of the “Hollywood Blondes”.  


ADULT ENSEMBLE ROLES (Non-Singing roles, All genders ages 17-65) 



Grouchy master of ceremonies at a weekly kids’ talent show. 


Jocko’s Assistant 


Rose’s father.  He does not believe that Rose or the girls will ever amount to anything. 


Theater manager in Los Angeles. 


Representative of the Orpheum Circuit.  Needs to move well. 


Secretary at Grantziger’s Palace.  Has no patience for “small-time” acts or pushy mothers. 


Brusk, streetwise Burlesque theater manager in Wichita.  


Burlesque stage manager in Wichita. 


Louise’s big time press agent.  


Famous French photographer. 


Members of the ensemble will play a variety of roles listed above.  Others include WAITRESS, RICH MAN, FRONT/REAR OF COW, etc.  Ensemble members will also be a critical part of keeping the show flowing by helping with scenic shifts, etc.  

YOUNG ACTOR ROLES & ENSEMBLE (All genders ages 10-16) 


DAINTY JUNE – Vocal range C4 to E5 (Female age 10-13) 
A Shirley Temple-like, up-and-coming vaudeville star. Her on-stage demeanor is sugary, sweet, cute and precocious. Strong singer and must have good dancing skills. The ability to do splits, high kicks, tap/jazz dance, baton twirling is a big plus, but not required. 

YOUNG LOUISE – Vocal range C4 to E5 (Female age 11-14) 
Rose’s shy older daughter and has always played second fiddle to her baby sister. She is awkward, a little sad and subdued; she doesn’t have the confidence of her sister. Strong acting skills needed. The character always dances slightly out of step, but the actor playing this part must be able to dance. 

RICH BOY  (Presenting Male age 10-16) 

Driver’s son, “kidnapped” by Rose.  A singing and dancing member of the Newsboys.  


TAP DANCER (Presenting Male age 10-16) 

Roadside kid, “kidnapped” by Rose.  A singing and dancing member of the Newsboys. 

BOY SCOUT (Presenting Male age 10-16) 

Another roadside kid with a strong high note, “kidnapped” by Rose.  A singing and dancing member of the Newsboys. 

BALLOON CHILD (Any gender, non-singing/speaking) 

Auditioning child. 

CLARENCE (Any gender, non-singing/speaking) 

Auditioning child who plays the clarinet.  Clarinet playing skills are a big plus, but not required. 


Members of the children’s ensemble may play more than one role listed above. Ensemble members will also be a critical part of keeping the show flowing by helping with transitions. 

Questions?  Contact our Artistic Director, Michael Montgomery

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