Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine

July 19 - 30, 2021



Ages 10-15

$300 plus $35 registration fee

(Payment plans available)


This class is for the young actor, age 10-15 who is looking for an opportunity to learn some acting skills, while enjoying the journey of putting on a show.  You'll meet for 5 hours/day for two weeks and during that time you'll meet friends, audition for a show, and participate in acting exercises, get assigned a role in the show, and rehearse for the shows the weekend after class.

Spaghetti and a Murder?

This deliciously clever comedy mystery takes place around the head table of a banquet room where guests — and of course your audience members — are expecting a dinner theatre show.  But when the guest of honor, Eleanor Van Heusen, falls face first into her plate of spaghetti, the guests are suddenly witnesses to a murder!  Luckily, Inspector Bungles is there to help solve this whodunit.  To say the least, Eleanor wasn’t loved by all.  In fact, all her family members and even the chef have reasons to kill her.  Hilarity ensues as they each reveal their own murder plans, yet all claim innocence.   Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine will help you cook up a great time!

Parts can be played by any gender.

This is a non-musical production.

This show will perform in the Fischer Studio.​​

Morning Session

Classes 10am - 3pm Mon - Fri, July 19 - 30



  • Friday, July 30 @ 2pm

  • Saturday, July 31 @ noon

  • Sunday, August 1 @ 1pm

Instructor - Amy Hohulin

Evening Session

Classes 4pm - 9pm Mon - Fri, July 19 - 30


  • Friday, July 30 @ 5:30pm

  • Saturday, July 31 @ 3pm

  • Sunday, August 1 @ 6pm

Instructor - Austin Oliver