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In March, Stageworks closed its doors to help prevent the spread of COVID-19/coronavirus. In anticipation of opening by the fall, we are working diligently on plans to come back safely. While the governor has approved theatre gatherings at 50% capacity, we still need to obtain supplies and sanitization services to ensure we are doing our best to create a safe environment. Following similar announcements of area professional theatres, we are aiming toward “seeing” you all again in October.

  • Our main stage is working to rearrange shows, and come back with smaller plays that are safer to produce. Stay tuned for this upcoming news.

  • Meanwhile, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Virtual Academy. This academy offers courses for both kids and adults, and provides some acting lessons, singing workshops, master classes, and Mommy/Daddy & Me virtual sessions. Please keep an eye on this page as we work to develop new classes.

  • We are also working to design a fall Academy schedule that will ensure a less dense population at the facility, but can simultaneously offer the same level of learning and fun that your kids are accustomed to.

We recognize that these are uncertain times, and many of our Stageworks patrons and families have been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we also have been tremendously impacted by our temporary closure. While our revenue has ceased, our overhead costs continue. Our curtain will rise again, but if you are in a position to do so, we could use your financial support.  Please consider a financial contribution of any size.


Questions?  Contact us directly


Your support is critical at this time, as the theatre's livelihood is at stake. Every day of closure comes with rent, electricity, and many other costs required to secure the theatre's livelihood after this health crisis.

Any size donation can help us meet the growing financial loss that results from theatre closure.

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