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Richele Bartkowiak

Richele Bartkowiak currently works as a freelance photographer and writer. The focus of her work is in education, working for educational publishers such as Frog Street Press, Gryphon House and Kimbo. Richele’s photos are currently in classrooms across the state as the visual backbone of early childhood curriculums, teacher’s educational guides and children’s books. She has written several children’s books including Birthday Breakfast, Jake Unplugged, Backyard Bugs and It’s Not Easy Being a Troll.


Richele’s love of the performing arts is deeply rooted. She studied and worked in theatre in high school. Although she put her love of theatre aside while in college, she made good use of her theatre education in her first job training teachers and educators across Texas for Developmental Learning Materials.


Richele brought her daughter, Audrey, to Stageworks in the Spring of 2015. Audrey’s first day of rehearsal at Stageworks was the beginning of a new chapter for her. It was also the beginning of a new chapter for Richele. Inspired by the passion her daughter overflowed with each time they arrived at Stageworks, Richele began to offer her support of the theatre by volunteering; helping backstage, working with the children, designing and sewing costumes, helping create sets and props and even directing! Richele is honored to serve on the Stageworks Board of Directors. Watching the growth of the young performers over the years has been magical.

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