Saturday, July 31 from 10:00am- 12:00pm

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Thank you all for such a fabulous showing at the auditions! Mrs Jana and I are so excited to work with all of you and know this is going to be an AMAZING show. We would like to call back some of you and have you sing another song so we can make final casting decisions.


If you are not being called back- that just means we have a pretty good idea of where we are putting you.


If you are listed below, please learn the appropriate track. Please come prepared to sing without your script. Quite a few of you were still looking at words at the audition- and we’d really like to see you without that in the way.


The name of the game this round is: SING OUT and ACT!



The following people should prepare the cut from Agony. Because this is a “guy” song, I recorded the correct octaves for a female- this will sound different than the way a man would sing it. For the call back- try to keep this in your ‘chest’ voice.

  • Avery

  • Alyssa

  • Giovanna

  • Emma

  • Mia Lombard

  • Ava

  • Sofia


Agony- Page 59- measures 1-16  Lyrics“Did I abuse her…. Out of your reach”



The following people should prepare this cut from On the Steps of the Palace. When notes go high, try to keep this in your ‘head’ voice (your Mickey Mouse voice)-- no belting on this one.

  • Ariel

  • Mia Villareal

  • Ashlyn Craft

  • Scarlet

  • Sadie

  • Indira


On the steps of the palace Page 79-80 measures 23-46 “Better run along home... for example, a shoe”



Callbacks will be Saturday, August 31 from10:00am- 12:00pm

As soon as you get this email, please respond to confirm whether or not  you will be able to attend- and that you understand what needs to be prepared.


Thank you all so much for doing your part to help us make sure this show is amazing!