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May 30 - June 9,  Mondays - Fridays 9:30am - 2:30pm
Performances June 9-11
Ages 11-13

Fee: $455

Early Bird Discount $410 if register before April 30

$35 registration fee paid once/semester

(Payment plans available)


A play by Kendra Thomas

Imagine a world where every teen comes of age by receiving an empty box. In this unique comedic drama about coping with pressures and expectations from others, Jack is curious when he receives his box as a birthday present. His confusion about the cubed oddity quickly turns to concern when his family, friends, and teachers begin filling his box with their expectations for him. The heavier Jack’s box gets, the more burdened he feels by it — and the more Jack considers following his friend Chris’s lead and throwing his box away. Before Jack casts away his own ambitions to relieve him from the stress of needing to please others, a strong supporting cast of friends helps Jack sort through what matters most and what’s worth holding onto. Ultimately, Jack comes to understand that his box is filled, not with other people’s expectations for him, but with their hopes, so that he can create his own goals and dreams.

While no audition is required to participate, all students must submit a video audition for casting (role assignments). Audition information will be sent in confirmation email upon completion of registration.


Have any questions?  We'd love to hear from you and help determine what may be the best fit for your student.  Email us or give us a call 281-587-6100. 

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