2022 Musicals

February 12, 2022 @ 12pm-5:30pm

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Stageworks Theatre announces open auditions for several upcoming musicals in the 2021/2022 season, including: Raise the Curtains (a one-night gala), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the Musical, opening in May, and The Rocky Horror Show (musical) opening in July.

Auditions are open to the community and parts may be cast with actors of any ethnicity.  All actors are required to be at least 18 years old at the time of auditions, unless otherwise noted. Roles may be cast without callbacks.  Rehearsals and performances are held at Stageworks Theatre, 10760 Grant Road, Houston, Texas 77070

Curtains Up! (Performs March 4)

Summary: Stageworks Theatre is producing a 40-minute Broadway music revue for one of our largest sponsors. The night will include singing and dancing interludes through the evening from some of the great musicals over the last 75 years including Gypsy, Cabaret, Chorus Line and many more.  Food and drink provided.

  • Performs: 1 night only on Friday, March 4 @ a local venue (Tech is March 3 6:30 - 9:30pm).

  • Rehearsals: 6-10 rehearsals depending on your role in the event. We will customize the rehearsals around conflicts, but we only have a 3-week window.  *If you are auditioning for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and/or The Rocky Horror musical, this is an ideal way to get to know the creative team for Dirty and Rocky.

  • Casting Call (Ages 16+): We are seeking 10 male and female presenting performers who can sing and/or dance.  Dancers are encouraged to also audition

  • Compensation: Yes

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Performs May 20 - June 12)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, based on the popular 1988 MGM film, takes us to the French Riviera for high jinx and hilarity. This suave, hysterical comedy features a jazzy score by David Yazbek (The Full Monty) and was nominated for a staggering eleven Tony Awards.

  • Performs: May 20-June 12, 2022, on the Garza Mainstage (12 shows Fr/Sat 730pm, Sun 3pm)

  • Rehearsals: Begin in mid to late March.  Rehearsals are generally 3-5 days per week depending on the role. (Monday-Thursday 7-10pm/Saturday day).  Up to 5 conflicts are accepted, though not all actors are called to every rehearsal. Pick-ups rehearsals are required every Thursday evening during the show run on May 26, June 2, June 9. 

  • Casting Call (Ages 17+): We are seeking 15+ actors who can sing and dance to play various roles as part of supporting roles, featured dancer and chorus (we will consider non-singing dancers as well).  The role of Jolene has been cast.  Other open roles, include:

  • Lawrence Jameson (male presenting, 40-60 years old, Vocal: G2-Bb4,)

  • Freddy Benson (male presenting, 25-50 years old, Vocal Range: A2-B4,)

  • Christine Colgate (female presenting, 25-45 years old, Vocal Range: A3-F#5,)

  • Muriel Eubanks (female presenting, 45-65 years old, Vocal: Top C5, good mover)

  • Andre Thibault (male presenting, 35-50 years old, Vocal: Top F4, bottom F2)

  • Compensation: Yes, Non-Union

The Rocky Horror Show (Performs July 1 - 9)

Performed with a live band, sweethearts Brad and Janet, stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and wild characters. Frank-N-Furter unveils his latest creation: a muscular man named "Rocky."

  • Performs: July 1 - July 9, 2022, on the Garza Mainstage

  • Rehearsals: 4 - 6 Music and Dance Rehearsals through March and 16+ regular rehearsals beginning May 21 - June 30. (Monday-Thursday 7-10pm/Saturday days)

  • Casting Call (13 actors, singers, dancers, ages 18+) – All genders, gender expressions, ethnicities, races, etc. are welcome and encouraged. Note: All actors must be comfortable performing in revealing costumes, including lingerie, underwear, etc.

    • USHERETTE/MAGENTA: Female presenting, age flexible (Range: Mezzo Soprano Belt, Bb3-Eb5) One of Frank’s servants.

    • BRAD: Male presenting, age 22-35 (Range: Bari Tenor, Bb2-G4), Quirky, very much in love with his fiancé, Janet. Overly optimistic at times. Performs in underwear.

    • JANET: Female presenting, age 22-35 (Range: Mezzo Soprano Belt, A3-Eb5, Classical Head, light belting) Good girl madly in love with Brad. Always frightened of something. Keeps losing more of her clothes throughout the story. Emotionally weak and caves into pressure easily. Performs in underwear.

    • NARRATOR: Gender Non-Specific, Age Flexible (Non-Singing Role)

      Follows our two hero’s through the story by narrating directly to the audience.

    • RIFF RAFF: Male presenting, 25-40 (Range: High Rock Tenor, D3-B4, rock screamer)

      Creepy man resembling more of a zombie. Often makes harmless conversation seem awkward and foreboding. One of Frank’s servants.

    • COLUMBIA: Female presenting, Age Flexible (Range: Mezzo Soprano Belt, E4-E5, rock belter, tap dancer) One of Frank’s servants. Groupie. Performs in underwear

    • FRANK 'N' FURTER: Male presenting Transvestite, age 25-45 (Range: Baritone, D3-G4)

      Master of the castle. Welcomes Janet and Brad with open arms. Obsessed with creating a man to be part of his sexual entourage. Master of seduction.

    • ROCKY: Male  presenting age 8-30 (Range: Tenor, A3-G4)

      Frank’s magnificent creation. Muscular physique. Comfortable with minimal clothing.

    • EDDIE/DR. SCOTT: Male presenting, age 25-40 (Range: Baritone, E3-F#4)

      Eddie, delivery man, “went to pieces.” Misses the rock and roll of life. Comes back to life only to die after his solo. Scott is Eddie’s Uncle.


      Gender Non-Specific, Age 18+, flexible singers and dancers. Will sing and dance a lot with minimal clothing, etc.

  • Compensation: Yes, Non-Union



Curtains Up!

Performing at Sandlewood Manor.

March 4 @ 7:30pm

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Performing on the Garza Mainstage.

May 20 @ 7:30pm

May 21 @ 7:30pm

May 22 @ 3:00pm

May 27 @ 7:30pm

May 28 @ 7:30pm

May 29 @ 3:00pm

June 3 @ 7:30pm

June 4 @ 7:30pm

June 5 @ 3:00pm

June 10 @ 7:30pm

June 11 @ 7:30pm

June 12 @ 3:00pm

The Rocky Horror Show

Performing on the Garza Mainstage.

July 1 @ 7:30pm

July 2 @ 7:30pm & 10:30pm

July 8 @ 7:30pm 

July 9 @ 7:30pm & 10:30pm

HEALTH AND SAFETY UPDATE* – For the health and safety of our performers, volunteers and staff , we require all eligible performers to be fully vaccinated against Covid19 (two vaccine doses of Moderna and/or Pfizer or one dose of Johnson & Johnson). Proof of vaccination is also requested at auditions. Additionally, a Covid19 vaccine booster or a prior Covid19 infection in lieu of a third dose (“booster”) is required and proof requested. No exceptions will be made at this time.  We also routinely require masks during rehearsals based on area conditions. For specific questions, please feel free to contact our  Artistic Director.

How to Audition
  • Register for an audition appointment using the link at the right. ​

    • After you complete the registration, you will be provided a link to select your time.  You only need to select one audition slot, regardless of how many shows for which you are auditioning.

  • Prepare 16 - 32 bars of the following (bring a track on a digital device):

    • DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS and/or RAISE THE CURTAINS: one song in the style of the show or an upbeat Broadway standard. 

    • ROCKY HORROR SHOW: any rock or pop/rock song, including musical theatre shows such as Tommy, Hedwig, Jesus Christ Superstar, Toxic Avenger, Chess and  pursuant to the style of the show and specific character you’d prefer.  Keep in mind this is a stylized rock show.  If you are considering a rock song, think Meatloaf, Heart, Velvet Underground, Alice Cooper, Pat Benetar, Queen, Foreigner, Warrant. 

    • If you are auditioning for BOTH, select 16 bars from each to perform.

  • IF you are a dancer only and not a singer: Please still sign up for a vocal audition – during that time, we will meet with you to discuss prior to your dance/movement evaluation.

  • Dance/Movement Evaluation: When you sign up for an audition slot, you are also assigned to a specific time for dance that follows the vocal auditions. You will be taught a short combination to perform.  Men and Women: Please wear appropriate dance attire.  Dance shoes, form fitting tights, etc. are perfect.  You will have time to change as needed, but we also suggest you come ready to audition for both and just wear a cover of some kind of your dance attire. 

  • Unable attend auditions? We’d much prefer to see you in person, but we will accept video auditions no later than February 13. Register as instructed above and also submit a Vimeo or YouTube audition link as part of registration (please provide password if needed). If there are extenuating circumstances and would prefer to audition in person versus video, but can’t make it, please contact the Artistic Director.