Auditions: Baskerville

Stageworks Theatre announces auditions for  Baskerville, written by Ken Ludwig and directed by Lisa Garza. 

Put on your deerstalker cap, the play's afoot! Comedic genius Ken Ludwig transforms Arthur Conan Doyles's classic The Hound of the Baskervilles into a murderously funny theatrical adventure along the lines of The 39 Steps. The male heirs of the Baskervilles are seemingly being dispatched by a hellish hound and it's up to Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery before the last one is killed! A dizzying web of clues unravels as five actors deftly portray more than forty characters. Is there really a fiendish hound prowling the moors at night? What secrets do the morose housekeepers the Barrymores hide? Will Sir Henry Baskerville find true love with the delicate Beryl Stapleton? Can Holmes and Watson solve the mystery in time? Join the fun and see how far from elementary the truth can be!


All auditions are open to the community and parts may be cast with actors of any ethnicity.  All actors are required to be at least 18 years old at the time of auditions. Additionally, roles may be cast without callbacks, so bring it in the open audition! Auditions, rehearsals and performances are held at Stageworks Theatre, 10760 Grant Road, Houston, Texas 77070.

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Audition Schedule

October 7 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals: commence Nov 18, 2019 and are generally M-T-W-Th from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM; great deal of flexibility over the holidays between Dec 23 through Jan 5. Calendar available at auditions.


Performance Schedule
  • January 17- February 9, 2020 (12 shows)

  • Fridays 7:30 PM, Saturdays 7:30 PM, Sundays  3:00 PM


How to Audition
  • Sign up for  an audition appointment here.

  • Complete an audition form. Please bring this form with an acting resume, and a headshot to the audition.  A detailed schedule will be crafted based off conflicts of those casted. We can normally accept 4-6 conflicts. 

  • Please prepare a one-minute comedic story/joke using at least two different accents. You will also be asked to participate with other actors in a cold read from the script. For men, you may indicate if you would prefer to only be considered for either Watson or Holmes.

Final Casting

Watch the Stageworks Theatre Open Auditions Facebook group for casting updates, and we post the cast on the website, once announced.  


Available Roles and Director Character Notes


Sherlock Holmes:

Intelligent, quick-witted, confident, obsessive; also secretive, aloof, dispassionate, and addicted to cigars; Holmes has a super-human ability to concentrate and moves with cat-like grace


Dr. Watson:

Grounded, brave, adventurous, amiable; in awe of his friend Holmes; he is also the narrator of the story


The remaining parts use a variety of accents which are suggested below.


Actor 1:

Must be nimble and athletic; plays 14 different characters including:

  • Dr. Mortimer- mild mannered neighbor, received pronunciation

  • Lucy- a nearly deaf office worker, Cockney

  • Milker- adolescent messenger boy, Cockney

  • Castilian desk clerk- florid hotel manager with a lisp, Castilian

  • Barrymore- morose butler, Irish or any British

  • Stapleton- a normal on the outside, sociopath on the inside naturalist, received pronunciation

  • Victor- crazed convict who lives on the moors, Swedish or Hungarian or Eastern European

  • Dr. McCann- harried physician, Scottish

  • Trap driver- West country or Irish


Actor 2:

Must be nimble and athletic; plays 7 different characters including

  • Sir Charles Baskerville- received pronunciation, BBC

  • Daisy- put upon scullery maid, Cockney or Liverpool

  • Sir Hugo Baskerville- violent 16th century lord of the manor, guttural Scottish or West country

  • Sir Henry Baskerville- fresh faced hero from America, broadly Texan but not Southern

  • Inspector Lestrade- bungling detective from Scotland yard, Essex


Actress 1:

Must be nimble and athletic; plays 14 different characters including

  • Mrs. Hudson: romantic housekeeper, any London

  • Cartwright- adolescent messenger boy, Cockney

  • German maid- suspicious housekeeper, German

  • Mrs. Barrymore- Morose housekeeper, Swedish or Hungarian or Eastern European

  • Mrs. Clayton- cheeky cab driver, any London accent

  • Miss Stapleton- Attractive heroine, received pronunciation

  • Nurse Malloy- sultry nurse, any accent

Stageworks Theatre

10760 Grant Road

Houston, Texas 77070


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