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Venue: The Garza Main Stage

10760 Grant Road

Houston, Texas 77077


Adults $23, Seniors $20, Student $15 plus ticket processing fees


Amadeus is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French.


Production Team

Director - Matthew C. Logan

Stage Manager - Kate Selby

Costume Design - Amber Stepanik

Scenic Design - Lisa Garza

Lighting Design - John Wind

Sound Design - David Dean

Production Manager - Chris Gibson

Artistic Director- Michael Montgomery




June 3 - 26, 2016

By Peter Shaffer



Envy, scandal, comedy and murder are all intertwined in composer Antonio Salieri's quest to meet and ultimately destroy the brilliantly talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. During a chance encounter, Salieri discovers Mozart's personality doesn't match the extraordinary grace of his compositions. Upset that God gifted an ill-behaved man with such talent, Salieri makes it his mission to befriend and masquerade as Mozart's ally, all while attempting to destroy Mozart's reputation through a variety of sinister acts.  


Antonio Salieri - J Blanchard

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Nick Mauldin

Constanze Weber - Kristen Malisewski

Joseph II/God - Jordan O’Neal

Count Von Strack - Patrick Barton

Count Orsini-Rosenberg/ 

Baron Van Swieten - Sean Thompson

Venticelli 1/Mozart Understudy - Chad Dyer

Venticelli 2 - Cole Pfaffenberger                   

Valet/ Ensemble/ Majordamo/                                   

Young Salieri /Jesus/Ensemble - Kevyn Eddy                                                       

Kappellmeister Bonno/Leopold Mozart/Ensemble - Adrian Collinson                   

Teresa Salieri/ Salieri’s Mom/Ensemble - Shannon Murray

Katherina Cavalieri/Marie Antoinette - Alex Weise

Young Mozart/Ensemble:  Noah Sprague

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